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a white cheeselike protective material that covers the skin of a fetus

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As babies spend months in amniotic fluid, this substance performs an extremely important purpose of ensuring that baby's skin while he/she is still in the mother's womb is clean," said the gynaecologist.Dr Agrrey Akula, Western-based gynaecologist, said vernix also made it easier for a baby to move through its mother's birth canal.
Half of these neonates (14/27, 52%) also had a finding of vernix caseosa in their ears at the initial screen.
This location is an open, floating mat dominated by Sphagnum and leatherleaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata) with some poison sumac (Toxicodendron vernix) providing sparse shade.
Ceramiracle "First Light, The Serum" is a new skincare product made with natural ingredients and it has an unusual inspiration--the vernix caseosa, a thick, wax-like substance that covers babies in the womb.
Other transient skin conditions seen were milia (5), vernix caseosa (5), acrocyanosis (3), neonatal acne (3), erythema toixcum neonatorum (1) and neonatal alopecia (1).
Antimicrobial polypeptides of human vernix caseosa and amniotic fluid: implications for newborn innate defense.
Bleck, "Epidermal barrier lipids in human vernix caseosa: corresponding ceramide pattern in vernix and fetal skin," British Journal of Dermatology, vol.
Intriguingly, ceramide is a component of vernix, the waxy white substance that coats and protects the skin of newborn human infants.
Thus, several factors that occur during the test, such as environmental noise, inefficient sealing when inserting the probe into the canal, noisy breathing, cough, swallowing, snoring and the presence of vernix caseosa would hinder a satisfactory result in the frequency of 1.500 Hz (17,18).
Ceramide is also a component of vernix caseosa, the waxy cheese-like white substance found coating the skin of newborn human infants.
In March, Pigeon introduced a new Baby skin care series with moisturising ingredients similar to vernix, which is a cream-like fat protecting the baby inside the womb.