vernier scale

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a small movable scale that slides along a main scale


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For one complete rotation of the thumb screw, the piston will move 0.5 mm, for each division reading on the vernier scale it moves 0.01 mm.
A vernier scale is mounted on the backside of the rod.
Now you simply read the vernier scale to obtain the hardness.
The measurement is read off a graduated drum and a vernier scale. While these measurements are not as accurate as those provided by a linear scale, they are more economical and are sufficient for many users' needs.
The cell backplate is water-cooled and the body is insulated, as is the vernier scale adjustment on the front of the cell, to enable in-situ variation of path length while the cell is situated in the sample compartment of an FTIR spectrophotometer.
To monitor his adjustments, John glued a vernier scale to the barrel of his lens.
With a high precision Vernier scale, the new heads feature micrometer adjustment precision, with large, smooth adjusting dials graduated in increments down to 0.0001" on diameter.
That's because these heads are fitted with a high-precision Vernier scale. As a result, there is the ability to easy and accurately make adjustments to the tool for improved operation.
Angle scales used on surveying instruments will also include a vernier scale to improve the precision of the readings.
Standard micrometers measure to thousandths of an inch, and with the addition of a vernier scale, ten thousandths.
I have to look at the vernier scale and try to remember what was showing when I was zeroed at 100 yards.