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Synonyms for vernal

of, occurring in, or characteristic of the season of spring


Synonyms for vernal

suggestive of youth

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of or characteristic of or occurring in spring

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She and her brother Vernal were "so close," Jack recalled.
Diversity and ecology of vernal pools: invertebrates.
This assay method provides a fast and accurate method of identifying Branchinecta cysts from southern California vernal pools.
Moving during a mild night in late winter, these cold-blooded amphibians lay themselves open to the return of sub-freezing weather, to ice on the vernal pools, to snow covered mountain slopes and frozen soil.
Once aware of environmental effects and the manner in which nature can serve as minister, students are less likely than before to dismiss such Wordsworthian logic as would connect "one impulse from a vernal wood" to a knowledge of moral good and evil.
One impulse from a vernal wood May teach you more of man, Of moral evil and of good, Than all the sages can.
At times, even her less historically grounded guesswork seems ingenious, as, for example, when she suggests that astronomer Benjamin Banneker's dream concerning the Vernal Equinox (that day in the year when light and darkness are equal) might reflect an effort to come to terms with his own mixed racial heritage in a society willing to acknowledge only his African ancestry.
If you do any digging around Vernal, UT, you may turn up a dinosaur bone or two.
By the thousands, these 8-inch-long black and yellow amphibians emerge from their wintering-over places and crawl along ancient forest paths to the vernal pools that are their ancestral spawning grounds.
We agreed to leave on Thursday, drive to Vernal, (7) spend the night, drive to the lake early Friday and fish for bass, crappie and blue gills.
"My late uncle, Vernal Cave, had been president of the NMA when I was in college," says Perez, a native of Brooklyn, New York, who moved to Washington, D.C., in 1991 to become associate director for the Office of Medical & Clinical Affairs at the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.
In football and basketball, the great athletes almost always go to college where a lot of good things rub off on them: They live in the company of bright people in a vernal culture climate, they learn how to speak, and they acquire values.
The vernal equinox, in March, and the June and December solstices arrive with comparable certainty.
1st Books Library (2595 Vernal Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404), 2001.
In late October of last year the VP American Gilsenite Company in Vernal, Utah, received an envelope with no return address or name of the sender.