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any of several white wines flavored with aromatic herbs

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Then came a trio of vermouths from PADROS, the BLANCO SUAVE PS15.95, Ultracomida and Curado Bar) and the ROJO PS22, Ultracomida and Curado Bar).
As Americans, "we have to distinguish between dry and sweet vermouths, and educate the guest that those are two different products," said panelist Karri Cormican Kiyuna of Wildhawk in San Francisco.
It's just updating the centuries-old aperitif tradition of European cuisines, particularly those of France and Italy, where meals would often begin with a simple drink, like vermouth on ice.
Only one admonition: Don't leave these vermouths on your liquor shelf for three years.
Poor vermouth. Once well received and heartily enjoyed, over the last 100 or so years it lost its way in America and became a dusty bottle in bars and the butt of jokes.
The king of vermouths, this has been extensively oak-aged and infused with 20 herbs, giving an unbelievably complex nose and taste.
Dante now offers 25 to 30 vermouths, with offerings from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.
Both winemakers recommend their vermouths on ice, with a citrus twist.
Octavia now carries nine or so vermouths; each is offered on the menu straight, on the rocks with bitters and orange, or with tonic, bitters and orange.
As such, vermouths are meant to be enjoyed quickly, both in cocktails such as the Negroni as well as on their own, over ice with perhaps a splash of sparkling water and a slice of orange.
One of the best comments came from Jackson Cannon of The Hawthorne in Boston: "While vermouths bring texture, fruit, herbs ...
At cocktail-centric bars, the likes of such artisanal vermouths as Dolin and Carpano have established themselves at the core of beverage programs, especially as the 19th and early 20th century drinks that feature different types of vermouths have returned to prominence.
Launched this past October, the menu includes a selection of eight whiskeys, seven vermouths or amaros and seven bitters to choose from.
"I like incorporating vermouths, sherries and ports into our cocktails as they add tremendous body, depth of flavor and complexity.
This simple cocktail calls for equal amounts of just three ingredients: Campari, gin and sweet vermouth. The constant in the Negroni is Campari with the variables being gin and sweet vermouth.