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Verminous "The children were verminous but carbolic baths worked wonders.
"The children were verminous, but carbolic baths worked wonders.
Nematodiasis, also known as parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) and verminous gastroenteritis (VGE) in food animals.
Using a multifaceted approach (sampling from live captures, examination of carcasses, and serology) to investigate the muskox decline, they identified several disease syndromes that contributed to mortalities (e.g., weak calf syndrome, polyarthritis, copper deficiency, verminous pneumonia).
The camera, meanwhile, as in Composition, remains largely fixated on parsing minutiae: dusty wiring, more hairs, insects crawling across grime and fine cracks, a verminous visuality pushing toward decomposition--another maneuver of a practice committed to deterritorialization.
The verminous cadaver of the transi tomb Juliet herself has drawn in the grotesque, verbal life-in-death images her imagination has conjured of waking in the Capulet monument: suffocation from the unwholesome air, "bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth, [who] lies fest'ring in his shroud" (4.3.41-42); the "loathsome smells" (45), the ancestral bones of "many hundred years" (39), the frenzied playing with "my forefathers' joints" (50) and self-mutilation with "some great kinsman's bone" (52).
"We were young men expounding economic history and theory yet here we were, living in this sordid street, the surrounding houses of which were insanitary and verminous, where the sickening smell of overcrowded humanity was such that, as I write now, it still seems to nauseate me".
Cohen has also noted that the canvas sheets, according to Nightingale, were "so coarse that the wounded men begged to be left in their blankets" and also the laundry was done in cold water which made the linens washed become "verminous" that they had to be destroyed [8].
At Bloemfontein, for example, the superintendent punished "dirty and lazy" inmates by sending them to the "Bird Cage." (77) A similar undesirable camp at Norvals' Pont was known as "Hog's Paradise" because it concentrated the "extremely dirty" and "verminous." (78) The degree to which Bolshevik officials conflated social and political danger ("class enemies" were both a social and a political threat, after all) and mobilized similar images of vermin, dirt, and disease is worth further exploration in relation to the underlying logic of British and other camps.
"Where such filthy and verminous conditions are found, the council has enforcement powers to rectify the problem," he said.
did so eat the timbers as that we greatly feared they would undoe us by gnawing through the ships side." (36) Presumably, Davis conflates two kinds of verminous threats: the dreaded shipworm, teredo navalis (actually a species of vermiform clam) that destroyed wood, and larvae from various insects that devastated food stores.
I dwelt a lot on the phenomenon of the abduction of the Nigerian girls and the intent of the verminous leader of Boko Haram, to sell the girls as brides.
So, keeping in view this fact, this clinical article presents successful therapeutic management of small colon impaction associated with verminous colic in a female donkey.
When the Manchester Evening Chronicle threw its support to this legislation, it was never mentioned that the "dirty, destitute, diseased, verminous and criminal foreigner" the editors wished to bar from English shores was in fact a Jew.