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63.###Meliaceae###Melia azedarach L.###Bakyanara###Tree###BS###R,S,L###Anthelmintic, Emetic, Vermifuge, fodder, fuel, ornamental and timber.
vulgare as an anthelmintic and a vermifuge, as well as in continuation of our search for active natural sources against S.
It is also noted as a useful agent against septic sore throat, and as a vermifuge, to aide in the expulsion of parasites.
VERMIFUGE: This is yet another aspect of its insecticidal property.
Haines's colonizing/parasitizing desire to pick Stephen clean in this way is aptly underscored by the information that colonizing, swindling, and deparasitizing are all traits inherited from his father: Buck has told Stephen that Haines's "old fellow made his tin by selling jalap to the Zulus or some bloody swindle or other" (Joyce 1961,7)."Jalap" is a herbal purgative derived from a vine in Mexico that would have been imported by colonizers to Africa primarily for use as a vermifuge to expel intestinal worms (Grieve 1971).
The amount of shell-boring polychaetes not dying as a result of the overall treatment with mebendazole, and the amount of shell-boring polychaetes in the control group were determined using a chemical vermifuge to expel the shell-boring polychaetes from their burrows (Lleonart et al.
caudatus were used in the treatment of jaundice, amoebiasis, and kidney diseases, (2, 3) but also as a blood purifier, diuretic, abortifacient, vermifuge as well as an astringent.
In Canary Islands folk medicine, flowers, leaves and fruit infusions of various Hypericum taxa, especially of the endemic Hypericum reflexum L, have been used as external wound ulcer treatment and also as sedative, diuretic, vermifuge, antihysteric and antidepressant agents.
The nut is emmenagogue, purgative, the young ones make very effective laxative, mature seeds are vermifuge, good for urinary disorder, and is reported to have aphrodisiac properties.
Despite its long years of use as a vermifuge and laxative; there is no information on its biological activity to support its anti-ulcer properties or any other effect on gastrointestinal system.
Cancer, hypertension, stomachache, vermifuge, asthma, diuretic.
In decoction, the plant is also employed as a vermifuge (; accessed 5 January 2009).
The Negritos of the Philippines apply the bruised leaves directly to eczema, psoriasis and rashes etc (3) Other traditional uses range from an anti-inflammatory agent of the urinary tract, venereal diseases vermifuge, diuretic, antirheumatic, antiulcer, analgesic, antiemetic, laxative, improvement of appetite, antileprotic, treatment of respiratory and eye problems, to treatment of asthma (1), (4-11).