vermiform appendix

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a vestigial process that extends from the lower end of the cecum and that resembles a small pouch

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The primordium of cecum and vermiform appendix, i.e.
Attempt was again made to locate the vermiform appendix; however, the appendix was unable to be found.
Vermiform appendix: positions and length - a study of 377 cases and literature review.
The diagnosis of AH was performed intraoperatively by inspecting normal appearance of the vermiform appendix in the inguinal hernia sac during the hernia repair.
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On the exploration, the hernial sac revealed a gangrenous vermiform appendix and the diagnosis of Amyand's hernia was made.
Ki-ras gene mutations are invariably present in low-grade mucinous tumors of the vermiform appendix. Scan J Gastroenterol 2011; 46:869-74.
Methods: A prospective study that observes the condition of the greater omentum (GO), the vermiform appendix and peritoneal exudates at all OA done for uncomplicated appendicitis.
An exploratory laparotomy revealed thickening of the proximal vermiform appendix extending to the cecum, with mesenteric adenopathy.
At that point and depth, it lies at the base of the vermiform appendix (2) (Fig.
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The incidental asymptomatic vermiform appendix is present in