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resembling a worm


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Amyand's hernia is a term used to describe a hernia containing the vermiform appendix.
Jayasekera, "Enterobius vermicularis and clinical appendicitis: worms in the vermiform appendix," ANZ Journal of Surgery, vol.
Abramson, "Vermiform appendix located within the cecal wall--Anomalies and bizarre locations," Diseases of the Colon & Rectum, vol.
The tumor was removed, along with surrounding adherent organs, including the bladder dome, omentum, peritoneum, abdominal rectus muscle, and vermiform appendix.
We present a case of a pelvic mass that was initially thought to be a right-sided ovarian dermoid tumor, but, after surgical removal and pathologic analysis, was found to be a chronic abscess containing an endometrioma, the right adnexa, and an autoamputated vermiform appendix.
The detection of high blood irisin in the vermiform appendix, a tubular organ, under conditions of infection and perforation suggested that irisin might be used as a marker in the diagnosis of these diseases.
The Pentastomida are a peculiar group of gonochoric, vermiform endoparasites, currently classified as a unique phylum, related to branchiuran crustaceans (3).
Spermatheca with a long tubular duct and vermiform preapical appendix, without distinct terminal ampullae; egg-guide of subgenital plate dorsally conical, laterally with pointed apex, columella present and wide, floor pouches and posterior edge rounded, median longitudinal groove absent.
Nematode staining in plant tissue in experiments 1 and 2 was performed in the laboratory by using the acid fuchsin method (BYRD et al., 1983) in order to visualize the vermiform J2, "sausage" and oval forms ('J3, and J4), and females.
vermiform appendix could also be used instead of the small intestine.
Amyand's hernia is defined as the presence of a vermiform appendix in an inguinal hernia sac.
Amyand's hernia (AH) is defined as protrusion of the vermiform appendix in an inguinal hernia sac [1].