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any of a group of yellow or brown hydrous silicate minerals having a micaceous structure

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Vermiculite is a mineral found in sheet rock, insulation, and other building materials and was commonly used for fire protection on structural steel buildings, once the danger from asbestos was recognized and no longer permitted.
But he may have decided not to enter the attic because of the vermiculite, perhaps knowing that it may contain asbestos, in which case he should have mentioned that in his report and told you so verbally.
Hydroxy-interlayered vermiculite clays occur abundantly in the upper portion of Jiujiang red earth sediments of south China, where the intercalated Al of HIV was considered to be present as hydroxy-Al hydroxides (Yin et al.
Adding sand or vermiculite can help ensure good drainage if you don't have a pot with drainage holes.
EPA, 2003) was conducted to estimate asbestos exposures from vermiculite insulation in containment structures and occupied and unoccupied Vermont homes with asbestos concentrations in bulk VAI samples ranging from nondetect to <0.
longicaudata were also placed in separate plastic cups containing the same proportions of NSC in the vermiculite to serve as the no-parasitism controls.
Juniperus ashei tree litter or vermiculite may facilitate a favorable microenvironment (temperature and moisture), benefiting soil animals, fungi or microorganisms (Sylvia et al.
Despite HGSI's self-proclaimed preservationist goals, it saw the donations not as a way to prevent vermiculite mining, but rather as a way to exclude VVL from the Virginia reserves.
Leaking containers must be packed in drums with several inches of vermiculite all around the leaker to soak up the DS2.
5 million is to cover the government's cost of removing asbestos-contaminated soils and vermiculite in and around the mine, now closed.
As far back as 1982, EPA reported that Libby vermiculite ore processed to remove impurities remained contaminated with asbestos.
Vermiculite is a mineral with many of the same benefits of asbestos.
Adult arabidopsis plants grown in pots containing a mixture of sand and vermiculite were mechanically wounded by crushing their leaves with a hemostat or by puncturing them with sterile needle.
1Lily bulbs can be increased by peeling off scales and rooting in a vermiculite mix in a warm, dark place.
The dispersion formulation uses exfoliated vermiculite with very large aspect ratio vermiculite plates mixed with butyl rubber.