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decorated with wormlike tracery or markings

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vermiculatus has a vermiculated pattern in its head and body with a brownish color found on the darker areas and bluish above grading and silvery below on paler areas.
Specimens were identified as vermiculated sailfin Pterygioplichthys disjunctivus (Weber 1991), a native to the Madeira River drainage of the Amazon basin in Brazil and Bolivia and the main nuisance species in Mexico, USA, Philippines and Taiwan.
Has it disappeared?) The house pleasantly still behind her, tall (two stories and an attic) and white, long and wide, a structure that seems neither exalted nor neglected, somewhere in between, cheerful disregard, its sun-beaten doll's house gable and rain-worn and vermiculated oak columns and clear-cut timber boards long in need of a thick coat of wash, the veranda sunken forward like an open jaw, the stairs a stripped and worn tongue.
all, in pavement, and inlaid in vermiculated manner!
My eyes homed in as I watched the chestnut-red-colored head and neck begin to lift, followed by the ashen-colored wing coverts vermiculated with black, flapping through the air as the Benelli swung, belching its deadly payload of BlackCloud.
herringbone masonry--eglutiskasis muras, horseshoe arch--pasagine arka, saucer-shaped dome--lekstasis kupolas, sawtooth roof--pjukliskasisi stogas, trefoil arch--trilape arka, vermiculated masonry--kirmeliskasisi muras, umbrella dome--sketiskasis kupolas.