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Synonyms for vermiculate

decorate with wavy or winding lines

infested with or damaged (as if eaten) by worms

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decorated with wormlike tracery or markings

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The town grew as miners and their families moved in, but they were unknowingly living among toxic asbestos dust from the vermiculate, a deadly toxin that causes respiratory illnesses and cancer.
Figure 7 shows the FT-IR spectra of untreated SBR and SBR nanocomposites containing constant content (10 phr) of acid-treated (DVMT) vermiculate clay, SBR nanocomposites containing constant contents of 10 phr and 3 phr of (DVMT) vermiculate clay and MA, respectively, all were gamma-irradiated to a dose of 100 kGy.
Use of vermiculate V1 of lower thermal conductivity caused a decrease of CO concentration of 30%, and a decrease of [C.sub.x][H.sub.y] concentration by half.
Binomial GLMs indicated that depth and diel period did not influence maturity ratios of the catch of sicklefin smoothhound, blotched stingray, witch guitarfish, bullseye electric ray, vermiculate electric ray, and Peruvian torpedo (Table 4).
The Rombo syndrome: a familial disorder with vermiculate atrophoderma, milia, hypotrichosis, trichoepitheliomas, basal cell carcinomas and peripheral vasodilation with cyanosis.
Description: Miospore, trilete, amb circular to sub-circular to broadly triangular, Y-mark distinct, reaching up to the radius, exine punctate to vermiculate, up to 2m thick.
7a b and c.The plantlets were then shifted to the soil and vermiculate mixture for further growth and development (Fig.
For years, asbestos-laden vermiculate was mined near Libby by the Maryland-based W.R.
Rombo syndrome shows an autosomal dominant inheritance and produces a similar phenotype except that it is associated with vermiculate atrophoderma.
The inoculated seedlings were transplanted to pots (one seedling per pot) containing a mixture of peatmoss, vermiculate, and perlite (1:1:1, v/v/v) and arranged in a completely randomized design.
La testa e ii corpo sono generalmente di colore marrone chiaro con bande gialle vermiculate sulla testa, una prominente macchia nera con margine giallo e blu al centro del opercolo e circa 16-18 brevi barre marroni lungo la parte centrale del corpo.
For root development, 25 mm regenerated shoots were excised and cultured on half strength MS medium containing 0.5-2.0 mg [L.sup.-1] IBA for 7 days, plantlets to pots filled with soil: perlite: vermiculate (1:1:1; v/v/v) mixture and acclimatized for 2 weeks under higher humidity before transferring to garden pots [10].
The Triassic sequence consisted of vermiculate limestone layers with coloured shale inter-beds that belonging to the Scythian era.