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decorated with wormlike tracery or markings

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In the present study, cutting force (f) resulting from the machinability of austempered vermicular graphite cast irons (VGCI) is considered as a measurable output parameter with respect to the input parameters, namely cutting speed, feed rate, and hardness.
Myokymia is defined as muscle twitching of the nature of undulating vermicular muscle movements under the skin without contractures that move the face [1].
The Pleistocene vermicular red earth in South China signaling the global climatic change: The molecular fossil record.
Finalmente, hay que destacar que mayoritariamente comparten el uso del 'Ebonics'--ingles vermicular afroamericano--, uno de los rasgos mas distintivos del grupo.
Zinn YL, Carducci CE, Araujo MA (2015) Internal structure of a vermicular ironstone as determined by X-ray computed tomography scanning.
When intercalated (expandable) graphite is heated past a critical temperature, a large expansion (up to hundreds of times) of the graphite flakes occurs along the c-axis (out of plane) direction, forming vermicular or worm-like structures with low density and multiple pores (Fig.
It was prepared tableside in a special mortar of black vermicular lava.
Most of the human crew view this malleability with disgust--and indeed gauna are often depicted as vermicular masses, faceless gorgons, psychoplasms of dread.
La apendicitis es causada por la inflamacion del apendice vermicular, con una prevalencia del 8% al 12% de la poblacion pe diatrica comprendida entre los 2 a 18 anos de edad, su factor etiopatogenico mas importante es la obstruccion de su lumen por fecalitos, parasitos o tumores.
The uppermost part of the Baksian Stage contains large numbers of a very specific form with vermicular solid processes, preliminarily attributed to the genus Gorgonisphaeridium (Fig.
The [delta]-ferrite indicated two morphologies of the lathy and the vermicular. However, the solidification path is as follows: L [right arrow] (L + [delta]) [right arrow] (L + [delta] + [gamma]) [right arrow] ([delta] + [gamma]) [right arrow] ([gamma]) in the AISI 304 stainless steels.
These include widening of a fracture filling where a fracture crosses a chemically reactive rock (Figure 5(a)), irregular or vermicular intergrowths of hematite and calcite-dolomite (Figure 5(b)), remnant islands of nonreplaced host rock, rims of one mineral penetrating another along its crystallographic directions (Figure 5(c)), nonmatching walls or borders of a fracture, and cusp and caries textures (Figure 5(d)) 49].