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an agent that kills worms (especially those in the intestines)

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Plant name Part used Medical utilization Rubia cordifolia Root Anti-inflammatory activity (Manjistha) (Ext), skin diseases and ulcers Sphaeranthus Leaves Skin diseases, antihelminthic, indicus Branches aphrodisiac and stomachache (Gorkha Mundi) Aloe vera Leaves Burns (minor), mouth ulcers, (Aloe) diabetes, wound healing (topical), Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis Azadirachra Leaves Skin disease, boils, indica (Neem) Bark antibacterial activity Curcuma longa Root Root Antiseptic, stomachache, (Haldi or blood purifier, vermicide, Turmeric) carminative and tonic Hemidesmus Root Skin disease and blood indicus purifier (Sarsaparilla or Anant mul) Table 2 Inhibitory effect of the aqueous plant extracts on production of IL-8 and TNF-[alpha] by human PBMCs.