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someone who vouches for another or for the correctness of a statement

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HP propose meme des inspections chez le client pour verifier les livraisons de cartouches d'impression.
In the PDP model the verifier can check remote data integrity with a high probability.
With the Verifier G3, users can expect the same core qualities that defined the Verifier G2 product line including a durable design with antennas mounted in rubber isolators to standup to the toughest jobsite conditions, and the exclusive McLaughlin three-year warranty and weather-proof guarantee.
We all want the best sight picture we can get, and the Verifier definitely gives us that.
2]): The verifier allows applying an unbound number of queries in the challenge-response process for data verification.
With the Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge, owners and managers know at-a-glance exactly how much fuel oil they have available and how much was received, regardless of the delivery company or any individual truck or driver.
HDL Verifier now supports FPGA hardware-in-the-loop verification for Altera and Xilinx FPGA boards.
In this paper, a single-verifier k-times group signature scheme is proposed as building block, where all the group signatures are verified by the only verifier, and the signatures from the same person are limited to [k.
MathWorks, a developer of mathematical computing software, said today that international certification organisation TUV SUD has certified Simulink Design Verifier and Simulink Verification and Validation for use in ISO 26262 compliant development processes.
These three businesses were purchased from Verifier Capital Ltd (UK), a subsidiary of verifier Capital Holdings LLC.
VerifAvia is also approved as an Aviation Verifier in Luxembourg and in Wallonia and is on schedule for approval by most EU Member States.
The company has developed applications that allow its Verifier G2 utility locator to share real-time data with an integrated Magellan GPS unit installed on the Verifier G2 utility locator.
The GHG Verifier certification is designed to complement accreditation programs for verification bodies, including American National Standard Institute's Greenhouse Gas Accreditation Program.
As soon as a bar code is printed, the verifier reads it and assigns it a quality grade.