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Synonyms for verifiable


Synonyms for verifiable

capable of being verified

capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation

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Meanwhile, the facts speak for themselves: The verifiably oldest person, the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, died in 1997 at age 122, and no one is close to breaking her record.
The US president dismissed talk of divisions between hardline Washington and Europe, which plans a new package of diplomatic and economic incentives if Iran will verifiably halt uranium enrichment.
The firm would have to demonstrate that odorous wallboard, which contains gypsum, can be effectively and verifiably removed from the mix of material.
Acknowledging that no narrative can now be verifiably identified as virgin oral free of literate taint, scholars of English literature assert that nevertheless there were oral practices in the early modern period, mostly associated with women.
Bodog will be tough graders: "Silvio must verifiably wake up before the end of the June 10th episode for 'yes' to have action.
that North Korea was verifiably complying with its promises to end its nuclear weapons program, eliminate its ballistic missile threat and stop further ballistic missile technology imports.
SS: All of our efforts are geared towards the end-consumer's demand for higher quality food and, in some instances, verifiably higher quality.
He said the EU3 would continue to talk to the Iranians so they would verifiably suspend their enrichment and then the US "will come to the table".
net/cpet and will help ensure that timber bought by central government is verifiably legal.
So much so that the very composition of our atmosphere--the weave of our atmospheric veil--has been significantly and verifiably altered.
By providing labor costs by occupation and other economic information relative to the area from an authoritative governmental source, it is our belief that the region can verifiably be touted as providing a lower cost of doing business - attracting businesses that may otherwise consider leaving the state,'' said Mel Layne, president of the Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance.
of the United States has said that the United States has no intention to attack North Korea, to invade North Korea, that multilateral security assurances would be available to North Korea, to which the United States would be party, if North Korea is prepared to give up its nuclear weapons program, verifiably and irreversibly.
The system hardware and data storage and archives, operating environment, and applications all must remain (except by an authorized process) in a verifiably (able to audit) unaltered state for system integrity to be assured.
In these product-starved days, the simplistic and verifiably reductive touring Korean import known as "Cookin'" has ended up not in the intimate venues where its limited charms might stand a chance but in massive auditoria.
Washington has said that before making any concessions, it wants North Korea to verifiably begin dismantling its nuclear weapons.
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