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Synonyms for veridical

consistently telling the truth

Synonyms for veridical

coinciding with reality


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What P&M do not seem to realize is that in striving for a rational, empirically grounded consensus, science treats conflicting perspectives not as ends in themselves but as means toward the goal of advancing veridical knowledge of the world.
61) Rather, he questions whether sensory experiences are veridical representations of a mind-independent reality.
The common modern approach to solving the paradox that Crivelli avoids entails distinguishing between an existential and a veridical use of "to be.
He is currently an active member of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, PA, where he writes for the blog Veridical Epiphany.
In the history of Islam, dreams were an important part of political decision-making; veridical dreams could be divinatory and prophetic, as suggested by the many dream sequences in the Quran.
Then, to complement the analysis with the total sample, a veridical cross-validation analysis was conducted separately for only those masters swimmers who were in their first or fifth year of any 5-year age category when they completed the survey.
Furthermore, transaction costs economics examines economic organization through the lens of contract/governance; takes the transaction to be the basic unite of analysis and names the key attributes with respect to which transactions differ; describes firms as alternative modes of governance that employ different mechanisms for mediating the interface between successive stages of production; takes adaptation to be the main problem of economic organization; and describes human actors in more veridical terms in both cognitive and self-interest respects.
16) Corr writes that what is generally meant by "cognition" is the capacity to know and to have knowledge, off-line conscious awareness can exert an important regulatory control function on behavior, whereas our representation and experience of the body and external world (17) are not always veridical.
Perhaps the most plausible story for physicalists in general is to appeal in veridical cases to a physical, causal story, in which an external object causes in us a mental state (an experience, for instance) as the result of a causal chain of physical states, originating with the intended object and terminating in us.
At some point, that is, the replicant becomes aware of the utterly fabricated makeup of his or her very being and the pure invention of the most intimate memories; following these vertiginous revelations, doubt as to the nature of experience itself, or as to the very idea of a veridical world, follows in train.
Because what I see is at a distance, it is possible to doubt that my vision is veridical.
Zahavi maintains that Husserl's emphasis on the scientific nature of phenomenology is an expression of his belief that phenomenology is committed to an ideal of fully justified knowledge: the difference between a veridical perception and a misperception is irrelevant to phenomenology.
Burge argues (in opposition to most disjunctivist views) that it is essential to explanations in psychology that two occurrences of perceptual states can be marked or type-individuated by their content as instances of the same kind of perceptual state, even if one is veridical and the other is a referential illusion (or hallucination).
In the case of veridical perception, this means that there is really a tree in front of me, that it causally influences my sensory apparatus, and the received visual data give rise to a perceptual judgment of the form 'This is a tree'.
Scripted and insipid, PC is semantic antics with veridical indirectness and lame sameness, both of which stultify results and reduce everything to nothing.