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a church officer who takes care of the interior of the building and acts as an attendant (carries the verge) during ceremonies

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Rebekah is a verger at Durham Cathedral, and as she carried out preparations for when the doors were opened to visitors, nature combined with the architecture of the great building to produce a stunning show.
For its vegetable line, under the Les Vergers Boiron brand, Boiron Freres now offers three 'homemade-grade' novelty purees: butternut squash, green asparagus, and beetroot.
Jaramana borde la Ghouta orientale, une region de vergers pilonnee par l'armee qui cherche a en deloger les rebelles qui y ont etabli leurs bases-arriere.
I'm not suggesting that my Holy Mother Church encourages excess - we know its possible ills - but what strikes me is that St Phillip's Cathedral vergers and those sensitive "shocked and upset" worshippers could have handled the situation better by sending a man of the cloth to ask the drunks why they'd dropped in and why they'd tanked-up.
Vergers at Sheffield Cathedral have been sent on a self-defence course to meet a rising tide of violence against church workers.
The company, which has an annual turnover of 310 million euros and a staff of 600, fruit juice maker Les Vergers d'Alsace from Eckes-Granini France in 2008.
ONE of the Queen's vergers indecently assaulted a choirboy of 13 at his flat, a court heard yesterday.
The hole was discovered by vergers opening the cathedral on Saturday morning.
Their company, Vergers Lafrance, continues to diversify and adapt to the changing dynamics of the apple market.
Nicolai subsequently took over the Domaine de Chataigniers and developed grading and storage facilities with Vergers de Fernelmont.
This has led to physical assaults and intimidation of the four vergers who look after the cathedral.
Editor Jane Collins explains in the introduction that the Admirable Events of 1639, a translation of a moralizing novella written by a French bishop, is the only work traditionally attributed to Du Verger; however, Collins provides convincing arguments for attribution to Du Verger of a translation of Camus's Diotrephe (1641) and an original work, Du Vergers Humble Reflections, which as an answer to criticism of monastic life contained in Margaret Cavendish's The World's Olio (1655) would represent an interesting example of serious religious debate between two women.
He has also been training officer for the Church of England's Guild of Vergers, after helping setting up the training scheme.
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Les terrains agricoles et les vergers du perimetre agricole d'El Maader Sidi-Cheikh, pres de Boussaada (M'sila), ont ete severement endommages par les pluies torrentielles qui se sont abattues sur cette region dans la nuit de dimanche dernier a hier, selon des agriculteurs.