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The novel application also showed superior ability to the other forms of AAC systems with which it was compared in increasing positive social interactions, such as expressions of joy and attempts to verbalise, and also in improving the participant's simultaneous attention to the task and eye contact with their communicative partner.
Marcus believes the duck is helping his son to "verbalise and act out his own fears".
Being able to verbalise the emotional purpose was especially challenging for some of my students, but this process allowed them to accomplish it without taxing their comfort zone too much.
It's nice to be reminded that we can say those things and that we have the right to stand up and verbalise our issues."
Joel ordered the Slow Cooked Herb Crusted Lamb Shoulder ( ` 800), served with turnips, sweet pea puree and rosemary lamb jus, and he didn't have to verbalise his views on it -- his sated look did it for him.
Even the council have struggled to verbalise the benefits of BEST in a straightforward way.
She states that this is an unhelpful misconception and that expecting a child to verbalise their abuse 'places too much responsibility on the child'.
"There is a need for the Government to show them the respect for the work they do, not just verbalise it for public relations on suitable occasions."
"He wanted to verbalise, but it didn't make sense." He would gesture and grunt, but it was clear that he wasn't understanding what his parents were saying to him, and they couldn't understand what he was trying to communicate, either.
At seven, he's not emotionally mature enough to verbalise his feelings over his mum leaving, so they're probably coming out via bad behaviour.
Fear that, as a man, to verbalise such a thought could be deemed tas trivialising the accusations that have been made.
Fear that, as a man, to verbalise such a thought could be deemed as trivialising the accusations that have been made.
"Elaine was not afraid to share her thoughts and strong opinions and would often be the one to verbalise what others were feeling and thinking but were too reticent to say.
En reaction a cet acte juridiquement intolerable, en vertu de l'article 84 du code des forets, la delegation speciale de la Municipalite de Carthage a ete demise de ses fonctions et le proprietaire du salon de the a ete verbalise et devra rendre des comptes a la Direction generale des forets (DGF-Ministere de l'Agriculture), selon un responsable de la Municipalite de Carthage.
They encourage couples to verbalise these sometimes difficult emotions.