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one of the two main constituents of a sentence


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Bruce Fraser (1970) claims that the derivation of idiomatic expressions has to be a different from the one of literal phrases, namely that the lexical insertion of an idiom takes place as if the phrase were a single lexical unit semantically (the verb phrase kick the bucket as the verb die), but then the phrase is "dismantled" to see if its parts also conform to selectional restrictions and to allow for their regular conjugations and declensions.
EXERCISE 18.7 Identifying Verb Phrases (1) Identify the verb phrases in the sentences below.
EXERCISE 19.3 Identifying Verb Phrases Identify the verb phrases in the sentences below.
Sentence (31) consists of four verb phrases representing the case of an S-A-S-S sequence.
EXERCISE 22.3 Making Verb Phrases Agree Read each sentence carefully, and classify the subject as singular or plural.
Sentence (23) illustrates that the verb phrase kanshu `read books' is the stressed element that contains the new information conveyed by the speaker.
The focus may be, for example, to enrich meaning by including noun or verb phrases, or to include compound sentences in their writing.
For the Integrated Writing Rubric, descriptors are full sentences (as opposed to verb phrases or noun phrases).
Identify the verb phrases in the following sentences.
Among the topics are a grammatical sketch, segmental phonology, nominal and adjectival compounds, ideophones and onomatopoeia, postpositions and adverbials, verbal derivation, verb phrases and predicate structure, relativization and clause nominalization, clause chaining and subordination, quotative constructions, and grammatical pragmatics.
She bases these conclusions on the following three examples, whose verb phrases are activities, and which, she asserts, form acceptable middles:
The verb fare "may be used as an activity, as a state or as a telic predicate" (Bertinetto and Noccetti 19); fare is used only as a dynamic verb in the syntagmatic verb phrases found in the data.
One important point to remember with verb phrases particularly, is that parts of the verb phrase can be separated by nouns, for example.