venture capitalism

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capitalism that invests in innovative enterprises (especially high technology) where the potential profits are large

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Eureeca demystifies the world of venture capitalism for small investors by offering them increased investment opportunities in different business sectors.
Venture capitalism is always risky, but its rewards translate not into mere ballot-box victories for one party or another, but a change for the better in the climate that influences policy at every stratum, no matter who the president is.
This, then, may have represented venture capitalism and angel investing in its primary form.
Venture capitalism is a way of taking risk for big profits.
Very watchable with an edge of violence, until Loach seems to lurch into the whisky world of illegal venture capitalism.
Crowdfunding has its roots in charities, but with the growth of social networking and online communities, it has evolved into a new kind of micropayment venture capitalism.
MITT Romney has emerged largely unscathed in the latest debate among a shrinking field of Republican hopefuls launching attacks on his moderate political record and career in venture capitalism.
Maya Karanouh, Hala Fadel and Tarek Sadi have backgrounds in branding, fund management and venture capitalism, respectively.
Many of its biggest employers appear to have been founded well before the dawn of high-tech venture capitalism.
He also underlined the importance of joint projects of universities and industry, establishment of technology parks, business incubation and venture capitalism, etc.
Google will invest in internet-related and online advertising companies with potential to grow, by purchasing a part of a company's capital, much in the same way venture capitalism scheme works.
to Prince Bandar, acquisition and joint venture capitalism will remain the fundamentals of the Al Khozama expansion strategy; there is no intention to enter into
Has venture capitalism killed off the open society?
But starting a business isn't easy; they spent two years refining their business plan, passing it along to professionals with expertise in financing, venture capitalism, and the food industry.
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