venture capitalism

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capitalism that invests in innovative enterprises (especially high technology) where the potential profits are large

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Rarified subcultures of venture capitalism and futurism are also penetrated.
New senses of headwind and tailwind have blown in from the business world, along with vulture capitalism, "a form of venture capitalism in which aggressive methods are used to buy a distressed business with the intention of selling it at a profit."
It is a shortcut for those who take advantage of venture capitalism at the expense of mom-and-pop workers.
He began his career in venture capitalism at Itochu Corporation.
Jaime Torchiana, M.S., has joined the SHIFT consulting team as principal consultant for the Philadelphia market of the Baltimore-based consulting, executive membership and venture capitalism company.
At present, start-ups have limited options for financing, which include debt financing and venture capitalism, ie selling ownership of the venture to a class of investors who fund businesses in their early stages.
Harper inspires Charlie to think about what he really wants to do, since it becomes clear that venture capitalism isn't it.
Against the all odd, the exact opposite had happened, though: it was a poignant moment for Mr Knight, because, the novice entrepreneur had been subjected to unpleasant experiences by American banks, while refusing to back his project - when venture capitalism was in embryonic stage; in this context, on a foreign land, he did not expect a miracle, given the animosity between the two countries that existed after the Second World War.
While universities, academia and industry collaborate on Plan 9, venture capitalism is missing.
Unused to venture capitalism, banks have tended to put money into funds rather than directly into start-ups: 331 allows both options.
Frederick Reese, Chief Financial Officer of the Startup Investments points out that Startup Investments' Venture Capitalism will especially grow with a strong foothold in America:
"With venture capitalism at an all-time high we are seeing less founder-owned companies at the top.
After impressive financial growth, dad-offour Moores next moved into venture capitalism, starting JMI Equity in 1992 - an investment firm specialising in software.
"Clusters matter, but that doesn't mean that clusters are limited to San Francisco, New York City, Boston, which is where the center of gravity right now is in terms of venture capitalism. You have to create a cluster ...
15 percent of companies that started between 2013 and 2014 were digital, venture capitalism is on the rise and, with its Silicon Roundabout technology startup hub, London is the biggest creator of startups outside of Silicon Valley.
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