ventriloquist's dummy

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a wooden dummy into which a ventriloquist projects the voice

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Or if improvisation is more to your liking, you can see veteran performer Gary Kitching and his ventriloquist's dummy taking a look at loneliness, power ballads and whether or not to press that self destruct button in Me and Mr C at the Northern Stage.
With other performances starting simultaneously, our group takes a seat in the downstairs bar while Gary Kitching (a familiar face from The Suggestibles) launches into Me and Mr C, basing loose improvisation around a story which flows around a lonely man and a ventriloquist's dummy.
30pm Everyman Scouser John Bishop takes over as the people's comedian from the demented ventriloquist's dummy that is Michael MacIntyre.
A WIRRAL man has presented his ventriloquist's dummy to the Imperial War Museum.
It is illustrated with photographs of the 'big picture' of trench warfare and commanders and the small human detail of cigarette packets, a soldier's jacket, the arm shot away and a ventriloquist's dummy used to entertain the troops.
But when midnight chimes and the Nutcracker springs to life in the form of a 1930s ventriloquist's dummy, a revolt replaces the battle between toy soldiers and mice.
This tale of a ventriloquist's dummy wreaking murderous havoc on the relatives of those who murdered his partner decades earlier boasts nothing new under the sun, but it does provide a few decent scares.
Trying to avoid trouble, he hasn't spoken in three years, but when he does finally run off, he finds a ventriloquist's dummy in a Dumpster and discovers that he can speak by pretending it's the damaged doll doing the talking.
95) tells of a kid who moves to a new town in Texas, only to discover that his grandmother's gift of a ventriloquist's dummy may be the key to making new friends.
The few glimmerings of humor are provided by an ersatz Jerry Lewis (Eddie Deezen) and his ventriloquist's dummy, keeping watch for the Japanese atop a seaside Ferris wheel with a partner who has a fear of heights (Murray Hamilton).
And before anyone out there unkindly states the obvious the dummy in question is a ventriloquist's dummy.
Believing, at one point, that he has accidentally offed his buddy, Earnest employs Wyatt as a ventriloquist's dummy to rather chilling effect.
Bush, acting as a ventriloquist's dummy for the radicals who have seized control of our foreign policy apparatus, proclaimed a "global democratic revolution," Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin was anointed the apostle of world liberation.
Attempting to test the plausibility of Callan's claim, Alan straps a weighted-down ventriloquist's dummy (another nod to Quin) to his back and sets out with Anna to replicate the tour.
As played by Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), a frisky actor with the grinning puss of a ventriloquist's dummy, Pecker melts the resistance of his stoniest subjects through an irresistible alchemy of chutzpah and openness.