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either of a pair of fins attached to the pelvic girdle in fishes that help control the direction of movement


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The Snout Length mean (SnL), Eye Diameter mean (ED), Distance of the first dorsal fin mean (DD1), Distance of the second dorsal fin mean (DD2) and Distance of anal fin mean (DA) of Mahdia specimens were larger than those of Zarzis specimens, while Head Length mean (HL), Distance of pectoral fin mean (DP) and Distance of ventral fin mean (DV) were significantly higher in Zarzis individuals than in Mahdia.
The ventral fins are short, and approximately at the same level as the third branched dorsal-fin ray.
Ventral fins are without any markings, completely transparent yellow with some pale white at the basis and white at the tip.
Predorsal profile convex from occipital process to dorsal-fin origin; base of dorsal-fin almost straight and postdorsal profile almost convex; ventral profile of head forming a continuous curve from lower jaw to pelvic-fin origin; usually straight from ventral fin to anal-fin origin; anal-fin base straight.
Neural crest derivatives arise from the neural plate and migrate to their final destinations a) along cranial pathways; b) through the dorsal fin and on both the lateral and medial aspects of the trunk somites; c) in a pathway that circumnavigates the tail; and d) along an enteric pathway into the ventral fin (Mayor et al.
SrA Carter asked five of his crew chief peers to assist in removing the right ventral fin panel (4302), the engine ex haust nozzle fairing (4409), and the "bath tub" panel (4305).
It added a ventral fin and changed the design for the vertical fin so it's now comfortable that the airplane is recoverable from the darkest corners of the spin envelope.