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According to sources at the Civil Defence Department of Ras Al Khaimah, the operations room received a tip-off that a person had fallen through a ventilation shaft.
For the present study, a fan coil heat exchanger located at the head of a ventilation shaft only will be considered, to provide the cooling and waste heat recovery required.
They miraculously got a phone signal at Cathedral, an old ventilation shaft 100 feet below ground, and called us.
New Delhi: A 21-year-old Delhi University student was allegedly killed by her lover, who burnt and hid the victim's body in the ventilation shaft of his house for five days and married another woman during that period, spending his wedding night in the adjacent room.
The other floors will experience a higher flow rate when the fan turns on, but are maintained at an acceptable indoor temperature by the automatically adjusting dampers to the ventilation shaft.
According to the 44-page document which was found in the ventilation shaft of Silivri Prison's No.
Greymouth (New Zealand), Dec 12(ANI): The ventilation shaft at New Zealand's Pike River Coal mine has finally been capped, police have said.
Two slightly injured miners stumbled to the surface hours after the blast shot up the 360ft long ventilation shaft.
in Huoqiu County when eight workers were digging the ventilation shaft, Xinhua quoted the county's publicity department as saying in a statement.
Phase one of the ventilation shaft project is complete with the raise boring - or holing - phase of the 305 metre deep vertical ventilation shaft being concluded May 12, 2010.
MOSCOW: Two blasts at a big Siberian coal mine killed at least 12 people and the search for dozens trapped underground was halted after a damaged ventilation shaft choked the mine with smoke and gas, Russian officials said Sunday.
There was no lock on the door, and the window looked out onto a ventilation shaft.
Two shafts are currently being sunk; a ventilation shaft down to a depth of 1,675 metres and a main production shaft down to 1,785 metres.
Amanda plans to break into the preserve to use their ventilation shaft to access the underground super subway system so she and a friend can ride atop one of the trains, gaining glory with the mall crowd.
In the excerpt that follows, Dot has left her friendly bonsai tree and traveled, alone, into that eerie ventilation shaft in her quest to decode "K[phi]AU" and find answers to other nagging questions.