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blood found in the veins

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This research also highlights the importance of temperature-corrected values for pH, [Pco.sub.2], and [Po.sub.2] for accurate arterial and venous blood gas analysis in birds.
We have been instructed not to use our existing venous blood gas test order, but to build a specific test for this particular specimen.
In cases where the pulmonary vascular resistance increases, blood flows right-to-left across the VSD, producing cyanosis because more venous blood enters systemic circulation.
After log transformation to approach normalization, we analyzed the data by the paired t-test to assess statistical differences between maternal venous blood and arterial umbilical cord blood values.
In studies in rats, biochemical and cytologic values were compared in blood samples collected from several locations, including the abdominal vena cava, a venous blood source, and the orbital plexus, a capillary bed commonly used to bleed smaller laboratory rodents.
There are important distinctions, however, between capillary and venous blood that can affect sample-analysis outcomes.
When adult venous blood samples (n = 30) were collected in heparinized tubes (<50 kN/L), i-STAT, ABL500 (both using whole blood), and Vitros 750 (using plasma) agreed well.
1 - test card epoc bgem (w / lac) / epoc bgem test card (w / lac) 2 - material quality control level 1 3 - material quality control level 2 4 - device for taking venous blood with coagulants and anticoagulants , volume 2 ml 4 names, indicated by participants
Following induction, the birds were transported to the clinic, where a venous blood gas sample was taken for analysis, which indicated a respiratory acidosis, with a mean arterial pCO2 of 54.46 mmHg (SD 9.31) and venous pH of 7.135 (SD 0.11), most likely due to moderate bradypnoea.
Small sample requirements make this centrifuge ideal for finger-stick procedures, and reducing labor and expenses involved in venous blood collection.
The P[O.sub.2] of the mixed venous blood entering the pulmonary capillaries is approximately 40 torr.
Tenders are invited for successive supplies of test tubes, needles, syringes, butterflies, adapters of closed venous blood aspiration system with the aspiration-vacuum method and lancets for safe blood collection from drains
Massaro tells investors that his concerns are "heightened" after Meridian delivered its second quarterly preannounced to-line miss and fiscal year guide down, and disclosed additional challenges, including rising competition in its life sciences segment from China, and the additional information hold by the FDA on its 510(k) applications to reinstate its venous blood sample-type.
The user simply collects a capillary or venous blood sample of 10 uL in the cuvette before inserting straight into the analyzer.