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(law) a group of people summoned for jury service (from whom a jury will be chosen)


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214) If any one of the first twelve were struck peremptorily, they would be replaced by the next juror in the venire.
Lascito vibrante verso figli e generazioni a venire The Story of My People e, in definitiva, una storia vincente e avvincente, nella quale potra riconoscersi piu di uno dei tanti espatriati, coetanei dell'Autore; una storia che si offre palpitante e illuminante a qualsiasi lettore che abbia interesse a conoscere una vicenda umana facente parte indissolubile di un capitolo fondamentale della Storia d'Italia.
First, even if bright data could provide a perfectly representative jury venire, would searching for a diverse jury pool change the role of the jury in society?
The minister reiterated the independence and diversity of the Venire Unit to meet the urgent needs of courts according to the nature of disputes.
Low temperature LED technology allowing for more vibrant colors and the most diverse library of media available (PET, BOPP, wood venire, foils, tag stock, matte, semi-gloss, high gloss, clear, dark media and more).
Besides eliminating jurors with inappropriate connections to the case or who are interested only in collecting a participation fee, your consultant should recruit a mock venire that resembles the demographics and potential biases of the actual jury pool.
Meanwhile, the Court's efforts to ban exclusion of various groups from the jury venire meant little when lawyers could still skew that diversity during the selection of the trial jury.
The Impartial Jury Clause of the Sixth Amendment requires that the venire from which the state and the defendant draw a twelve-person petit jury be a fair cross-section of the community.
case's hitherto unstudied venire facias, or list of potential
persons perfect forms of the three Latin verbs venire, videre, and vincere.
9) This cross section is derived from a panel of prospective jurors, called a venire.
At tamen, eadem fides et novae spes quibus progenitores nostri pugnabant per totum orbem in aporia sunt, credentes iura hominis non rei publicae e largitione venire, at e manibus Dei.