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surgical incision into a vein

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For plasma samples obtained immediately after venesection, [beta]-globin DNA concentrations did not differ significantly among portions processed by the centrifugation protocols with or without formaldehyde addition before or after centrifugation (P = 0.615, Friedman; Table 1).
We found no statistically significant differences (P >0.05, Friedman test) among the median plasma DNA concentrations in samples collected into different anticoagulants at 0, 2, and 6 h after venesection. After 24 h of whole blood incubation at room temperature, median plasma DNA concentrations were significantly increased in EDTA (940 vs 590 genome-equivalents/mL; 1.6-fold; P = 0.013, Wilcoxon test), heparin (4100 vs 540 genome-equivalents/mL; 7.6-fold; P = 0.005, Wilcoxon test), and citrate (4300 vs 540 genome-equivalents/mL; 8-fold; P = 0.005, Wilcoxon test) compared with their respective concentrations at time 0 h.
Using real-time quantitative RT-PCR (6), we investigated the effects of two classes of preanalytical factors on plasma RNA concentrations: (a) the time delay in blood processing after venesection, and (b) the effect of freezing and thawing of plasma and serum.
Samples were stored at ambient temperature and analyzed immediately and at 30, 60, 120, and 180 min after venesection. The platelet count, MPV, and MPC were determined using the ADVIA 120 hematology system (Bayer Corporation).
Changes of plasma tHcy ([micro]mol/L) in 9 C[beta]S-deficient patients and 13 healthy controls over time from venesection to separation in blood collected into EDTA and NaF tubes.
Immediately after venesection, blood samples from healthy volunteers were divided into three aliquots.
Two patients with definite AIH and two other patients with probable AIH had been receiving steroid therapy at the time of serum sampling, but the rest of the patients had received no immunosuppressive therapy before venesection. Two of the 31 patients with probable AIH had HCV infections.
Treatment involves removal of the iron burden by regular venesection and leads to a normal life expectancy if implemented before the development of cirrhosis (3).
The nurse assisted the two doctors with the venesection, noting that when the patient was comatose, no anesthetic was necessary.
These studies would involve minimal risk to participants because they would not involve administration of an investigational medicinal product and in most instances, only a single venesection would be required.
They are also advised to avoid venesection and blood collecting from the affected arm, heat therapy, thermal spa and sauna use.
Zheng, "Randomized control study on the treatment of 26 cases of acne conglobata with encircling acupuncture combined with venesection and cupping," Zhen Ci Yan Jiu, vol.
A leather strap (tourniquet) and a scalpel were used for venesection (bloodletting) as treatment for a wide range of maladies.
[2] Filling pressure can be decreased by number of methods such as immediate change in posture from supine to standing, Valsalva maneuver, and venesection. However, to increase the filling pressure is very difficult.
Once correctly identified, treatment for GH is very straightforward in most cases, consisting of the regular removal of blood (venesection), much like a blood donation.