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surgical incision into a vein

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A team of Royal Physicians drained two cupfuls of his blood through venesection.
After a programme of de-ironing, a patient may then need a few therapeutic venesections (or to give blood as a donor) each year, to maintain iron stores at a safe level.
Blood samples for serum cholesterol, TG, LDL and HDL were obtained by venesection after an overnight fast of at least 9-12 hours and sent to the laboratory in vacuum glass tubes.
Venesection for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease unresponsive to lifestyle counselling a propensity score-adjusted observational study.
18) Treatment class Treatment plan Bleeding and Stimulant Venesection (8 oz), salt and mustard emetics, hot water enemata, mustard cataplasms (externally), brandy, ammonia and cayenne pepper (internally).
I/V drips were running in both hands and venesection done in left foot and blood transfusion started.
Despite the advent of these open surgical approaches, the management of cardiac injuries in the beginning of the 19th century consisted of venesection, leeches, absolute quiet and an attempt to evacuate fluid by passing a sound into the wound.
In 1950, Dameshek wrote a seminal article on the possible etiologic factors, disease manifestations, and course of PV during long-term follow-up, along with his original experiences with treatment by venesection and his hesitations to use radioactive phosphorus (P32).
All subjects also abstained from venesection treatments until completion of the study.
34) Assigning no emotive speeches to the self-executing revenger (after all, he is Spartan), (35) Ford instead emphasizes the surgical precision of Orgilus's incision, thereby mapping the image of venesection, the main method of bloodletting, onto the tragic hero's self-execution.
Participants underwent venesection for fasting plasma glucose, creatinine, and cardiac troponin measurements.
arm while venesection was carried out in other fore- arm to draw the blood in repeated cycles.