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58) Thus, although common sense could often point to philandering husbands' culpability for venereal infection, Castilian civic culture focused on wives' foibles and sexual sins and could only have complicated matters for women entering the Hospital de Santiago and thus airing their sexual lives for public fodder.
Once alerted to the discovery of her ploy, she escapes after purloining what meager possessions Campuzano owns, leaving him with not a penny to his name and a venereal infection to boot.
The life-world interview encourages the interviewees to reflect on their venereal infection and its consequences for their life situation.
The interviewees' self-image seemed to be affected in different ways when they realize that they had contracted a venereal infection.
Salas then tells Zieman that the bishop has given him two venereal infections.
Almost the only intimate detail, apart from his marriage in 1750, is his acquisition of a venereal infection from a buffa soprano at Hamburg in 1748.
Not surprisingly, entire units of the Emperor's army became immobilized because of venereal infection.
1) Therapeutic circumcision was first introduced as a treatment for severe venereal infection of the penis (often causing scabs which fused the foreskin to the glans) and was no more than a last-ditch amputation of incurably diseased tissue; even then it was not performed often because most men were reluctant to lose part of their most prized possession.
They danced, ate big meals, visited "les girls" (with dire consequences for the health of babies sired later in England who were often handicapped with the traces of venereal infection.
In his treatise on surgery, John Ashurst observed that phimosis "apparently renders it subject more liable to various forms of venereal infection, and becomes a serious complication when venereal diseases are acquired.
Eugene Hand's address to the AMA in which he observed that whereas the "promiscuous" and uncircumcised Negro had an incidence of venereal infection of "almost 100%, .
WHILE there are policies and awareness campaigns for preventing venereal infections among adults, the medical fraternity is concerned over the rise in the number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD) in children.
In order to curb the transmission of venereal infections, the colonial authorities established dispensaries in which infected women were kept incarcerated pending the period in which they regained good health.
Neglected venereal infections can cause future sterility or serious overall health problems, yet treatments are mostly simple, fast, painless and effective.
Now health experts want new safe sex campaigns for older people after a rise in venereal infections sparked fears of an AIDS explosion.