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The imperial state's attempts to improve public health by reducing rates of venereal infection predominantly targeted lower-class people and were suffused with elements of social control.
(71) We can assume that this man was a client by his reference to contracting a venereal infection and emphasis on his lack of culpability.
Once alerted to the discovery of her ploy, she escapes after purloining what meager possessions Campuzano owns, leaving him with not a penny to his name and a venereal infection to boot.
The fact that this man did contract a venereal infection became a gateway to further reflection.
POWERFUL: Cardinal Roger Mahoney protected school friends; SORDID: The bell tower where one a Monsignor is believed to have had sex with a male drug addict; DISASTER: Zieman took over a diocese at Santa Rosa and ran up debts of $30million; LINK: St John's seminary has educated many of the US church's elite; RECORDED: Salas taped talks with Zieman and said the bishop had given him a venereal infection
Almost the only intimate detail, apart from his marriage in 1750, is his acquisition of a venereal infection from a buffa soprano at Hamburg in 1748.
Not surprisingly, entire units of the Emperor's army became immobilized because of venereal infection. Diseased or pregnant women could be killed
They danced, ate big meals, visited "les girls" (with dire consequences for the health of babies sired later in England who were often handicapped with the traces of venereal infection.) But most of all they purchased quantities of paintings, antique statuary and Old Master paintings and drawings.
In his treatise on surgery, John Ashurst observed that phimosis "apparently renders it subject more liable to various forms of venereal infection, and becomes a serious complication when venereal diseases are acquired." A Chicago surgeon, A C.
By the end of this day, more than a million people around the world would have acquired a sexually transmitted infection, the World Health Organisation says, expressing concern over lack of progress in stopping their spread among 15-49 year olds.DEBILITATIN In a report released Thursday, WHO said chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis and syphilis four of the most common venereal infections account for more than a million new cases of curable STIs daily.
WHILE there are policies and awareness campaigns for preventing venereal infections among adults, the medical fraternity is concerned over the rise in the number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD) in children.
In order to curb the transmission of venereal infections, the colonial authorities established dispensaries in which infected women were kept incarcerated pending the period in which they regained good health.
Neglected venereal infections can cause future sterility or serious overall health problems, yet treatments are mostly simple, fast, painless and effective.
Now health experts want new safe sex campaigns for older people after a rise in venereal infections sparked fears of an AIDS explosion.
There is a plethora of other known agents of critical immunosuppression which interact dynamically with each other, and with the endemic conditions listed above, including chronic high-dose use of virtually all addictive and recreational drugs; chronic use or acute high dosages of common pharmaceutical agents, especially antibiotics; antiparasitics used to treat parasitic worms, protozoa and amoeba so common in the Third World, and many of the antimalarials, especially chloroquine; steroids, such as cortisone, and corticosteroid creams, used to treat inflammation caused by various venereal infections; and psychotropic agents and tranquillizers.