venereal disease

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With reduced rates of venereal disease amongst European military personnel, the effect of the disease on Africans, including African soldiers, was once again relegated to minimal importance by the Gold Coast government.
This is a respiratory disease that can manifest as a venereal disease.
Kathryn Norburg demonstrates that the decision to try to control venereal disease through the surveillance of prostitutes was affected by literary discussions that fitted disease and prostitution into an overarching moral discourse.
The knowledge requirement is the key issue when pursuing a case of tortious infliction of a venereal disease.
And while scientists have suggested other risk factors (untreated venereal disease or the occupational exposure to cadmium, for example), none have been well-substantiated.
Although venereal disease (VD) poses special problems for both sexes, it should be of special concern to women, both because of social attitudes and the nature of the female anatomy.
In fewer than five years, Genetic Systems went from being a selfstyled firebrand in two concurrent revolutions-cancer therapy and the overthrow of the big drug companies-to a small, chronically stretched underachiever whose main product was a quick test for an annoying, though hardly life-threatening, venereal disease.
To this end, Frederick Lowndes' 1886 publication, Prostitution and Venereal Diseases in Liverpool, will be discussed as an example of a text written by a medical authority concerned with sexual promiscuity and the spread of venereal disease.
6) However, it appears at first that the history of the hospital cannot proceed beyond 1914 when chief surgeon George Pugin Meldon gave evidence before the Royal Commission on Venereal Disease.
However, Kris Humphries insists that he's '100 percent sure' he did not give her any venereal disease.
Ranging from her famous skewering of the Famous Writers' School to the network television executives' cancellation of episodes dealing with venereal disease on 1960s doctor shows, these 17 pieces show the author's wit as well as her great reportorial skills.
There were 256 diagnoses of the venereal disease last year - 18 more than the previous year.
On Wednesday, officials confirmed that a 16-year-old Quarter Horse stallion standing at an undisclosed farm in Kentucky had tested positive for the venereal disease, which can cause infertility in mares.
During the early 1940s, however, a combination of press scrutiny in West Africa and Britain of the traffic in women and children from Nigeria into the Gold Coast, pressure from the Colonial Office, escalating rates of venereal disease amongst European military personnel stationed in the Gold Coast during World War II, and a change in Gold Coast leadership would finally bring about a dramatic transformation of the colony's laws on prostitution.
After meeting with members of the Korea Veterans Association of Canada last month, curators at the museum quietly changed an exhibit featuring the statistic that 414 out of every 1,000 Canadians who served in Korea contracted a venereal disease.