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of or relating to the external sex organs


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Nonetheless, the surviving records offer some insight into patterns of venereal infection in twentieth-century Ireland.
Goldberg claims she was 'free of any venereal diseases at the time she commenced her intimate relationship with Kris Humphries' and developed symptoms four or five days later before being diagnosed on September 8.
However, unchecked prostitution comes with enormous social and health costs: the spread of deadly venereal diseases such as syphilis.
Occurrence of canine transmissible venereal tumor and evaluation of two treatments.
Parascandola notes, "Social hygienists had always been at least as interested in moral as in health issues, and so their fight would not end with the defeat of venereal disease.
Illegitimate births are at an all-time high in America, venereal diseases rages at epidemic proportions throughout much of America, and all this in the face of the latest in contraceptives and antibiotics," he said.
What we discovered was that not even the costly effects of escalating rates of venereal disease amongst military men and the public embarrassment caused by the open trade in sex in the colony's main towns, could trump the racist ideologies that undergirded the government's continued unwillingness to crackdown on prostitution.
Some of the men expressed prejudiced attitudes toward those who contract a venereal infection and their own feelings of shame appeared to correlate with these prejudices.
The turning point of Glick's story--and his book--occurs during the nineteenth century, when physicians and surgeons developed the impression that venereal disease was less prevalent among the socially segregated Jewish population.
This is a venereal disease that can be spread from the male or female by natural mating.
A report launched yesterday by Animal Aid said mares are riddled with venereal disease as a result of being constantly pregnant.
While the companies make claims based on slightly different scientific principles, I cannot help thinking that they are modern versions of yesteryear's traveling salesmen, peddling aphrodisiacs, pick-me-ups, and cures for venereal diseases and sexual dysfunction.
Laid up to recover from a toxic treatment for a venereal disease, McKay produced the previously unpublished Baudelaire-inflected cluster he titled "The Clinic" around 1923.