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Synonyms for venerable

Synonyms for venerable

belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

Synonyms for venerable

impressive by reason of age

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profoundly honored

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Although this temple, like most in Bali, appears venerably ancient, an expression of unchanging tradition, Geertz demonstrates how such structures are continually renovated, amended, and re-imagined as well as preserved.
He introduced himself as dean of the journalism department at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, venerably known throughout China as "Beiwai." He asked if I would like to teach "First Amendment, free press, American-style journalism" at his university.
Cornelius Lucey, Bishop of Cork and Ross, "seventy, revered, and venerably authoritarian" (94), and Sir Oswald Mosley, evasive about his connection with Hitler, and still unwilling to condemn him.
And since director Joe Dante made the closest thing to a live-action Looney Tunes movie with Gremlins 2: The New Batch, here's hoping he comes up with something better for the venerably anarchic cartoon franchise than 1996's soul-draining Space Jam.
Venerably well into its fifth decade, the Bromsgrove Festival never ceases to attract performers of the highest calibre to springtime north Worcestershire.
Padmasambhava was venerably called "The Irresistible Dorje King"; Dorje is Tibetan for "thunderbolt of the gods" and has the spiritual clout of a mantra (115, 159).
As for Yu Kwan-sun, she has become the epitome of patriotism, venerably referred to as yolsa (patriot) or, more affectionately, "Sister Yu Kwan-sun." To honor her, a museum was built in her name; her statue was erected in Seoul's conspicuous Namsan (South Mountain) Park, and elsewhere; a prestigious medal was posthumously conferred on her by the South Korean government; and the song "Sister Yu Kwan-sun" is taught to school children all over South Korea, who sing it on 1 March.