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Synonyms for venerable

Synonyms for venerable

belonging to, existing, or occurring in times long past

Synonyms for venerable

impressive by reason of age

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profoundly honored

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The Viharadhikari of the Bellanvila Rajamaha Viharaya and Chancellor of the Sri Jayawardenapura University Venerable Professor Bellanvila Vimalarathana Thero passed away on the afternoon of, February 3, while being treated at a private hospital in Colombo.
Upon closing of the transaction, Venerable will be conservatively capitalised to CTE 98+.
Venerable plans to keep its offices in the White Stag block, the Business Journal newspaper said.
It said: "We are pleased to announce the proposed conversion of Ian Ramsey Church of England School to an academy within a multi-academy trust in which The Venerable Bede Church of England Academy in Sunderland will be the lead partner.
HELLO: Huddersfield Parish Church hosted the welcome of the new Archdeacon of Halifax , the Venerable Anne Dawtry
So I was delighted that The Venerable Dawg was Banwarilal and ADORED the shopkeepers of Khan Market for taking care of him.
Then the venerable Sudinna Kalandakaputra reflected in this manner: "Now famine and poverty [have struck the country].
THE Venerable Chris Potter has officially started in his new role as Archdeacon of St Asaph after serving for 10 years as Dean of the Cathedral.
In his erudite article on the sacred liturgy in the March issue, Father Neil Roy mentions the intention of the Diocese of Peterborough to restore to the Eucharistic Prayers the phrase "His sacred and venerable hands.
3 -- Devotees of Venerable Agnelo D'Souza are excited after sending to Rome a report of a miracle attributed to the Goan priest.
Pope Benedict XVI will be making the announcement on December 20, and the late Pope will then be beatified next October, the month after the Venerable John Henry Newman is beatified.
The Venerable will be speaking on "Resistance Against Theravada bhikkhuni ordination"
THE letter from Bernard Farrant (Viewpoints, March 12) about Guest Keen reminded me that, as an 18-year-old Royal Marine in 1946, I was posted to the aircraft carrier HMS Venerable in the Pacific.
AGROUP of 12 students and three teachers from The Venerable Bede Church of England School in Ryhope, Sunderland, is planning a trip to an orphanage in Lesotho with which the Durham Diocese has links.
JOHN GOSDEN and Jimmy Fortune teamed up to enjoy a great success on Saturday with Pipedreamer in the Cambridgeshire, and they could be among the winners again via Venerable in Windsor's Arena Leisure Handicap (4.