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the quality of deserving veneration

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When an aggressive coalition has stalked or faced off against an opponent in a prolonged state of apprehension and fear, then catches the opponent in a moment of venerability, fear turns to rage, and then men will explode in a savage frenzy.
( King Bhumibol Adulyadej , 85, the ( world longest-reigning monarch , is a much revered figure in Thailand and his venerability is protected by the world's harshest lese majeste law, which carrys ( long jail sentences.
Venerability: UT opened in 1794, a decade before Lewis and Clark arrived in Astoria.
The address went beyond earlier statements to recognize the venerability and gifts of other churches and the incompleteness of the ecumenical council in their absence.
Critics would suggest that the venerability of these figures in the literature is not derived from their relevance or prescience, but instead reflects the naive belief that their ideas must be worthy of attention simply because they have endured the test of time.
The lusheng carries an aura of venerability and sacredness, and its use was strictly regulated by customary law.
Terrorists and criminals can use easypaisa to receive and transfer funds with ease and without being subject to financial transparency, which could also be brought into business against Pakistan; high-tech value transfer systems can be abused to launder money and finance terror, the venerability of misuse is indeterminate.
In a neotectonic setting, high SA value corresponds to high venerability to active deformation due to the high percentage of vacant gaps and existence of lengthy impenetrable masses (filaments).
Its venerability may spark debate, but the Biblical epic certainly boasts a long history, suggesting its enduring appeal for American audiences.
The two materials are encoded with images of heroic deeds and venerability: they 'are key components in the architectural world of Old England poetry and serve to symbolize the world of Beowulf in its totality' (p.
He expressed confidence that Pakistan would be able to ratify the remaining two conventions to be able to benefit from the proposed new GSP+Scheme starting from 2014 in which the percentage of IVC (import venerability criteria) has been increased from 1% to 2%.
Stone, was quoted in his seventies as saying 'If you live long enough, the venerability factor creeps in; you get accused of things you never did and praised for virtues you never had'.
Their armorial shields on which there is a most interesting commentary testify to the venerability of their origins.
As a token of this venerability, the yeomen still wear red and gold uniforms of Tudor style.
Not to overstretch the parallel with a fictional Broadway star lamenting the aging process, but one does have the sense that the GLBT movement has reached a level of maturity and even venerability as it puts aside both the exuberance and foolishness of youth.