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  • verb

Synonyms for vend

to travel about selling goods

Synonyms for vend

sell or offer for sale from place to place

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Office Coffee Service/Systems (OCS) was presented for the first time at this year's Eu'vend & Coffeena in a holistic format in numerous presentations by exhibitors, but also in a specifically tailor-made special event.
Under the new policy, Excise and Taxation department have categorised liquor vends into various zones, with each zone having a maximum of six liquor vends along with two sub- vends, which have been allotted to one trader.
It reflects the commendable understanding of 'Service Vend' to the linguistic nature of Wales" said Sioned Haf, Campaigns Officer.
Today, Vend West does most of its business selling snacks and candy.
Constar designed and molded the PET Vend Bottle, which was recently adopted for spring water by Suntory Water Group in Atlanta.
The Eu'vend & Coffeena trade fair took place at Messe Essen in Cologne from 27-29 April, reinforcing itself as the most important industry meeting point for the vending and coffee industry.
Fresh Healthy Vending (OTCQB: VEND) said it has secured 115 new franchisee locations that are to feature its healthy vending machines and micro markets nationwide.
The sisters, who both graduated from John Moores University earlier this year, have set up a family business selling the Trendy Vend.
Most cities and states permit vending carts, but the law may impose limitations on the size and type of cart you may own and who is allowed to vend. In Atlantic City, New Jersey, for example, only war veterans are allowed to operate vending carts.
As an example, sugar will not be allowed in vended tea and coffee - sweeteners must be used, all of which impacts on people's right to choose.
Food vending machines, the second largest product group in 2001, are expected to experience gains due to the diffusion of cashless vending, as well as the improving image of vended food items.
Concern exists about the nutritional quality of snacks vended in public schools and the apparent conflict between classroom promotion of healthful diets followed by lunch or snacks of chips and candy.|1-4~ The few studies that have addressed this issue|5,6~ followed the 1970 amendments to the School Lunch Act, which granted the U.S.