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Synonyms for venation

(botany) the arrangement of veins in a leaf

(zoology) the system of venous blood vessels in an animal

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Sarracenia leucophylla , the white-top pitcher, is another southern pitcher and perhaps the showiest, with the white upper areas of the tubes contrasting strikingly with darker venation.
petiole 7-23 mm long, smaller than the rachis; 1 extrafloral nectary, green-vinaceous, sessile, pyramidal, 1-3 mm long, located on the rachis, between the proximal pair of leaflets; rachis 13-15 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 2 pairs, semisucculent, adaxial surface pilose, abaxial surface tomentose, obovate to elliptic, 21-88 X 9-41 mm, apex rounded, base assimetric, venation penninervous, midrib excentric.
The genus is unique within Phaneropterinae in that the tegminal venation with all main branches in the strongly widened medial field are curved dorso-anteriorally i.
5-3 cm, base nearly round, truncate or slightly cuneate, margins with short and triangular teeth, each ending in a callose papilla, apex acuminate to cuspidate, green and often suffused with purple and slightly puberulous on the abaxial surface, venation brochidodromous, secondary veins 6-8 pairs, ascending in ca.
Here, a couple of trees had smaller, less leathery leaves in which the longitudinal venation was not so prominent; the branchlets were not glaucous and some had a heavy bud crop with umbels of up to 13 flower buds.
Individual leaf of each species was examined and the morphological characters texture, leaf shape type, midrib colour, leaf colour, venation type, leaf margin, leaf base, leaf apex were noted and entered in a table.
Tree Organ Traits Shaft Shaft shape Height of bifurcation Principal axis dominance Branch insertion angle Un-bark degree Shaft diameter to the breast height Total height Commercial height Trunk base area Shaft total volume Shaft commercial volume Crown Crown diameter Crown shape Leaf Edge shape Adaxial color Abaxial color Pubescence Leaf length Leaf shape Leaf width Leaf texture Venation pattern Tree Organ Classes/Scales Shaft Straight (1), curved (2), very curved (3) 1/3 upper (1), 1/3 middle (2), 1/3 bottom (3) Total (1), partial (2), null (3) 0 to 30[degrees] (1), 30 to 60[degrees] (2), 60 to 90[degrees] (3) High (1), low (2) cm m m [m.
Genus Proan Haliday comprised of aphid parasitoids having wing venation with recurrent vein developed; interradial vein effaced, notaulices distinct throughout, lateral lobes of mesonotum setose (Raychaudhuri, 1990; Kavallieratos et al.
These adults were with three dim longitudinal lines on thorax, their abdomens were dull white and in length,with folded legs, transparent wing with less venation , back of thorax with three dim longitudinal lines, abdomen dull white and 7 mm.
campestris) on the basis of mesophyll tissue, parenchyma cells, stomata location, venation patterns, vascular bundles, and leaf blade edges.
Shape of inflorescence, thickness of peduncle, venation of leaflet, and apex of floral bract (characters 10, 12, 9, and 13) were most important for determining the component score of the first axis; shape of rachis gland and length of leaflet (characters 3 and 7) were most important for determining the second axis, whereas the most important character for determination of the third axis was symmetry of stipular spine (character 1).
The second step involves the diffusion of melanin precursors from the hemolymph of wing venation system (True et al.
there are the wings with their unique venation, the segmented antennae