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prostitution of talents or offices or services for reward

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there was the complexity of korma, the intricacy of trou t, the venality of vindaloo.
And even those who do, and have taken such fundamental steps as registering to vote, can easily become discouraged when they witness officials -- at the local, state, and federal levels -- engage in seemingly endless instances of obstructionism, venality and corruption.
This is with reference to the article "The utter venality of Boko Haram" (May 11) by Rasheed Abou-Alsamh.
This venality at the very core of Britain's financial industry, besmirching our country, has now been revealed for several years, and the only reaction of George Osborne, our nation's Chancellor, has been his opposition to EU proposals to curb directors' selfset bonuses.
Kejriwal is an uncompromising anti-corruption crusader who has tapped into a vein of urban anger over the venality of the political class after a string of breathtaking graft scandals.
Five teens--perennial outsider Jule, golden jock West, caretaker Daniel, symbol and sacrifice Ellie, and scapegoat sole-surviving killer Cass--in a sleepy Midwest town quarantined behind barbed wire and armed guards, with little in common but their secrets and fears, must take charge of their own destinies as Oleander descends into violence borne of mass hysteria, religious zealotry, venality, and monumental evil.
THE brutality, bestiality and venality shown by women naxals while killing Salwa Judum leader Mahendra Karma in the killing fields of Jagdalpur have once again brought to the fore the sheer anger of those waging war against the State.
As hyper-aggressive revenge fantasies go, it's curious to see one so devoid of feeling, a venality even Drive fans likely won't be inclined to forgive.
Transposed by adaptor Deborah McAndrew almost two centuries and many thousands of miles from its source text - Nikolai Gogol's scathing satirical-Russian masterpiece - the story of vanity, venality and all-round corruption in a small town setting remains as pertinent as ever.
In that speech, Marcos "decried the prevalence of venality in government .
It also stands as a reminder of the damage done to the free flow of information by political partisanship and corporate venality.
The 2009 MPs expenses scandal merely highlighted untold depths of hypocrisy and venality amongst the political classes.
In March last year the British weekly Sunday Times recorded the conversation with Thaler during which he was offered bribe and based on which the paper published an article about the venality of MEPs.
I AM concerned about the Government's concentration on the rioters'' action being about venality or inherent criminality.
CAIRO: For a country where over-the-top venality characterized politics for decades, Egypt's first ever presidential candidates' debate on Saturday was a sedate and courteous occasion.