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prostitution of talents or offices or services for reward

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Apart from the style, Venality is interesting because of the light it sheds on contemporary social and political affairs.
Venality, stupidity, the lure of a quick buck and the yearning for overnight success, are all alive and well in 2012.
That may be a salve for the conscience of the South Delhi- South Mumbai middle class, which when it's not expressing its solidarity for Anna, feeds the venality of politicians and bureaucrats, but that's not the political solution to a deep- rooted malaise that's been singularly responsible for bursting India's success- story soap bubble.
The 2009 MPs expenses scandal merely highlighted untold depths of hypocrisy and venality amongst the political classes.
The recent episode of the series again hit out at the venality of corruption.
Often mis-reported, sometimes due to ignorance, laziness, or drunken venality but sometimes as deliberate mis or even dis-information.
Now that the mendacious venality of former Labour cabinet ministers and MPs has been exposed, we really do need a representative in the Commons who works and lives in the real world and who is deeply rooted in and committed to the Colne Valley constituency and its people.
Watching legislation made is rarely pretty, but the horse trading under way in the Senate - allegedly the world's most august and deliberative forum for democracy - seems likely to set a new standard for venality. Desperate to reach the 60-vote threshold they need, Democrats are offering wavering senators pretty much anything they want, including a $100 million provision for disaster relief whose wording can only apply to Louisiana,where Sen.
A shot of Ahmet weeping alone in the eaves of the house strikingly reinforces the boy's inner solitude as well as his difficulty in maintaining an almost adult front in the face of his spineless father's venality.
Sister Carrie was the result, and Loving's account of the writing, editing, and reception of the novel offers a fascinating subtext on the conflict between venality and morality within the American publishing industry of the time.
Hurt's book examines two aspects of the relationship between the Bourbon monarch and his parlements: the process by which parlements formally registered laws promulgated by the king; and transformations in the venality of judicial office.
Run by surfers, it has yet to get properly nauseated by its own rampant dishonesty and venality.
Levitt is particularly strong in exposing the venality of the accounting profession, providing a wonderful inside account of the eight-year battle royal that accounting firms waged with the help of their pawns in Congress against even the most reasonable attempts at regulation.
Abraam, in his rectitude and intelligence, sees clearly the clerical venality -- he is not deceived -- yet at the same time he recognizes the divine spirit at work.