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Synonyms for venal

Synonyms for venal

capable of being bribed

ruthlessly seeking personal advantage

marked by dishonesty, especially in matters of public trust

Synonyms for venal

capable of being corrupted

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Truckers will be able immediately to report with MAKAMtrans's head office those asking bribe and the police search for the venal officers will begin just as swiftly.
The Zamora father-son tandem was joined by the party's candidates for councilors: Paul Artadi, Jhun Caridad, Lino Mendoza, Ayie Tejoso, Boyet Tolentino and Pongie Venal of District 1 of San Juan; Don Allado,Totoy Bernardo, Bea De Guzman, Owie Laruscain, Peter Punzalan and Rocky Yam of Distric 2.
The country already has enough incompetent and venal elective officials.
Among the two were Bahria and as noted in the editorial 'Sindh's venal bureaucracy'.
If only we had a press that was willing to interrogate the detail of the agreement instead of spouting the soundbites offered by the venal establishment.
Backer and directed his first film 'Venal' in 1982 and his last film was 'Edavappathy' in 2016.
That's according to Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah, who branded the Prime Minister's attempts to gain support for her plan "stupid and venal".
The national good is all but forgotten in the PM's need to save her own skin and her desire to preserve the modern Tories - that splintering coalition of venal interests that caused this mess and keeps on making it worse.
"That Shteyngart manages to balance sincere empathy with his subjects with a genuine satirical deconstruction of their culture is what makes Lake Success so compelling....Trump's shadow looms over this novel more and more as it winds to its close, and the parallels between Barry's corrupt, venal work and the corrupt, venal administration that has emerged since Trump was elected become ever more clear to the reader." CONSTANCE GRADY
It claimed these infringements are often perpetrated by 'venal' enforcement personnel and 'unethical agents.'
The argument has never been that the system is wrong, but that politicians are too venal and corrupt to run it.
Khan made it overtly clear that there was no place in PTI for venal politicians in the party and announced to oust as many as 17 corrupt lawmakers.
PIA admin denies allegations of wrongdoing, saying journalists were transparently accommodated through dinners and gifts for 'image-building' FIA sources claim investigation has been initiated against venal officialsISLAMABAD:The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has cleared fake bills worth millions of rupees on the pretext of arranging dinners for journalists and giving them gifts to improve the image of the national carrier.The officers and staff of PIA have once again hoodwinked the national exchequer by getting fake bills worth millions of rupees cleared.
No one can find an opportunist and venal politician like Nisar even in the entire country.