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a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart

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Case 74: right-sided superior vena cava draining into left atrium in a patient with persistent left-sided superior vena cava.
Quality improvement guidelines for the performance of inferior vena cava filter placement for the prevention of pulmonary embolism.
Vena said she froze and had to be shocked into action by Tracy.
Journal of Vascular Surgery, "Effective control of massive venous bleeding by 'multi-overlapping therapy' using polysaccharide nanosheets in a rabbit inferior vena cava injury model"
The vena cava inferior into which all pulmonary veins and the truncal vein where they are combined are drained is clearly visualized on these advanced imaging methods and provide a great convenience during operation for the surgeon (Picture 2C and D).
Many customers have bought (Avaya switches) based on VENA.
As part of Avaya VENA, Avaya VPS simplifies VM mobility and makes it transparent to the end user, ensuring that the network is synchronised to VM activations, deactivations and changes.
There are 2 cases reported in the literature presenting with superior vena cava syndrome secondary to metastatic RCC.
The ladies of Vena Cava and Ten Over Six made their bicoastal collaboration even more complicated than usual.
Se registraba la fecha de su colocacion y se realizaba el seguimiento de los mismos hasta la fecha de retirada, recogiendo los datos del paciente, el tipo de cateter, vena de implantacion, dias de duracion, complicaciones durante la implantacion y causas de retirada.
Avaya Vena allows organisations to more easily optimise business applications and service deployments in and between data centres and campuses," the company said.
5 million in its joint venture Azulcocha zinc project in Peru, with the goal to increase the known resources/reserves and complete all the engineering required for an up to 2,000 mt/day operation, JV partner Vena Resources said Monday.