velvet flower

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young leaves widely used as leaf vegetables

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Black velvet flower embroidery cosmetic bag, pounds 5, New Look (0500 454094)
Sophie wears luxury velvet flower coat (pounds 94-pounds 103) with matching T-shirt (pounds 21-pounds 23), skirt (pounds 38pounds 42), hat (pounds 23) and bag (pounds 32) all by Kenzo, sizes 4yrs-10yrs.
Have fun with frivolous accessories such as colorful marabou feather headbands, velvet flower pins, cocktail hats with feathers and veils and whimsical purses.
RIGHT - add a splash of colour to your lounge with this Betty Jackson black green voltage cushion at pounds 35, printed velvet flower cushion pounds 30, graphic rug pounds 250, stripes and spots cushion pounds 30, oval print cushion pounds 30 and flower print cushion pounds 35 - all available from Debenhams.
Photos - Bill Fleming Styling - Julie Hannah Velvet flowers from a selection @ VV Rouleax
On the farm as a child I remember playing ring-around-the-rosy 'round an 8-foot-diameter circle of bronze-leaved, fragrant old roses with red velvet flowers.
7 -- 8 -- color) At left: An 24-inch moss wreath is made elegant with garden roses, antique velvet flowers, jewels and French silk ribbon.
Delicious Godiva chocolates beautifully decorated with elegant floral ribbon and a pink bouquet of velvet flowers are priced from $11.
Kate McCullagh (020 8747 1220) has a cerise dogrose and black feather hair clip (pounds 90) and a black cinamay headpiece with pink velvet flowers (pounds 130), while Annick Designs offers a cerise and black feather with rose fascinator with veil for pounds 120.
The best and most eyecatching variety is 'black knight', with its opulent black velvet flowers lightened by gold markings.
Oops, we've done it again (in the immortal words of Britney Spears), this time stealing looks from the winter catwalk collections by sewing little velvet flowers on to a natural fibre throw.