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a mere wish, unaccompanied by effort to obtain

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volition in its weakest form

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But the way of treatment this moral vices is first kicking back to velleity and return to intellect and wisdom.
Based upon the ideas of "God," "Fatherland," 'Authority," "Family" and "Work," the regime promoted a simple ideology that provided "clear and uncontroversial 'certainties' that could legitimize and facilitate the right to command, as well as nullify and illegitimize a velleity to resist, justifying and making acceptable, like the things of nature, the duty to obey." (13) Running the public school system was the Catholic Church, which had been placed at the service of Salazar after a concordat signed with the Vatican in 1940.
We expect sound-repetitions like "wary" and "winter," "receding" and "heap," etc., but Warner's ear also adds the internal off-rhyme "follow" to the end-rhymes in lines 2 and 4 of this stanza--an effect which in other stanzas of this poem she also deploys by adding "piety" to "deity" and "velleity" (three words which taken together construct an idea that she thus adds to the poem by means of the rhyming rather than by making it discursively explicit), or "stander-by" to "squander" and "ponder," and so on.
To improve awareness of the other indicates a mere velleity to direct attention.
and piddling velleity. Due to the absence of any "flame," she
"To wish," on the other hand, can easily suggest an ineffective and wistful velleity, which is not forceful enough, but it can also just mean wanting that is specifically human, rational wanting or intelligent desire, and I believe that taken in this sense it better conveys than "to will" what Aquinas means by velle both here and in another text I will discuss.
the responsibility for political effects rests squarely on the man who makes himself a cause." (16) Politicians who vouchsafe the moral quality of their acts by categorical ideals flirt with a sort of demonism in having "associated the quality of a divine command to a human velleity." (17)
I have mentioned that the system should give up any velleity of representing meaning, and so whatever syntactically possible to help the community of users find its own semantics.
Pynchon's vocabulary was fantastically recondite, and I still have the notebook in which I jotted down the meanings of oneiric, abreaction, runcible spoon, hebephrenics, Antinomian, rachitic, velleity, preterite, and a couple dozen other words impossible to use in ordinary conversation.
A great and superstitious horde attacks a vague residue of tendencies inherent in the velleity of the early Italian nazionalisti and which, if untempered and uncombined in the "bundle," would have died dead in reaction.