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a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave

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In a statement, the New Woman Foundation demanded that plans be put in motion to end forced veiling in schools.
Rasmussen; and 'Intertwined veiling histories in Nigeria' by Elisha P.
Annelies Moors, Face Veiling in the Netherlands: Public Debates and Women's Narratives, in The Experience of Face Veil Wearers in Europe and the Law, supra note 1, at 19,26.
In our attempt to show the particularities of veiling among young Romanian Muslim women, we take into account the context, the meanings and values that these women attach to wearing the hijab and the consequences that such a practice has for their lives in the community and in the Romanian society at large.
This section will examine some of these most relevant factors, including Muslim immigration in Western Europe, the issue of security and the ensuing identification of Muslims with terrorism, and the normative ideology of Europeanism and full-faced veiling as a threat to such identity.
Amer's presentation of the subject begins in a logical place, by examining veiling in the context of the Qur'an.
36) She concludes that the singling out of women for veiling undermines the modesty argument by making them more, not less, visible and that the ideological use of the veil deflects the attention from a number of serious issues which confront women in their daily lives, it homogenizes individuals, social classes, and ethnic differences between women by emphasizing one common denominator: covering.
In The Politics of the Veil, Joan Wallach Scott focuses on France, which has been the most prominent European location of veiling debates, and which effectively banned veiling in public schools with a 2004 law against the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols therein.
Farhat's ethereal figures have an uncanny, mysterious presence which reflects this mystique and spirituality associated with the practice of veiling.
Presenting conclusions after six months of hearings, the panel also suggested barring foreign women from obtaining French visas or citizenship if they insisted on veiling their faces.
This engaging collection of essays not only discusses the traditional veiling that we in the United States often associate with Islam, but also how religion, culture, power and clothing intersect through women's dress.
In the second chapter, Kessler considers the function of makeup as another kind of veiling.
While veiling isnCOt a law in Yemen, society still considers it a compulsory necessity to be protected.
The issue of veiling has occupied a huge amount of media airtime and column inches in Britain over recent weeks.
Dr Meena Dhanda will give her talk, Reflections on Veiling, to students and staff at Wolverhampton University's Millennium City Building today.