veiled accusation

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an accusation that is understood without needing to be spoken

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In her role on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" and later at 30 Rock, Fey's characters frequently made thinly veiled accusations against many of the men who have since fallen in the sexual harassment purges of 2017, including Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.
The veiled accusations something amiss might be taking place has offended the likes of British Cycling head coach Iain Dyer.
TEAM GB's dominance on the boards is once again the talk of the Olympic Velodrome - and British Cycling head coach Iain Dyer is offended by veiled accusations levelled at his charges.
Arync was apparently referring to his veiled accusations of corruption against GE[micro]kcek.
But as a whole, the book is cluttered by either veiled accusations or direct statements that make prejudiced claims about climate scientists or incorrect statements about climate research.
There is no difference between the manner of police in Nyala and Khartoum" he intoned in response to what he described as veiled accusations that the police had premeditated the killings in Nyala.
And there are also veiled accusations that she may have been involved in the assassination plot of civil and religious figures in Lebanon.
The bulk of the Iranian leader's fiery speech was devoted to leveling a series of thinly veiled accusations against unnamed Western countries, whom he described as "enslavers, colonialists (and) invaders".
Consequently, the veiled accusations abound, usually in the form of a semi-rhetorical question: Is Iran a year away from making a nuclear bomb?
Doesn't he think we have suffered enough without having thinly veiled accusations of making fraudulent claims?
There have even been veiled accusations from Sir Alex Ferguson that an illegal approach was made for the 29-year-old, something Benitez strenuously denies.
After the hearing Sarah said she has had veiled accusations made against her, she has been shunned by family but still has some sympathy for them.
The defense minister described the alliance as "the Iranian list" and made veiled accusations about Shahristani's relationship with Iran.
Nor, in his analysis of Desdemona's apparent deafness to Othello's veiled accusations, does Gross take into account Harry Berger's argument that Desdemona fully understands and has even provoked Othello's accusations, an omission that is curious only because Gross acknowledges a copious debt to Berger elsewhere in the book (especially to Berger's readings of Measure for Measure, 2 Henry IV, and King Lear).
The Frankie Boy make veiled accusations of a bluenose press threat to de-stabilise Celtic?