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Synonyms for vehement

Synonyms for vehement

extreme in degree, strength, or effect

Synonyms for vehement

marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions

characterized by great force or energy

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Molly, on the contrary, was silenced by this evidence, and very fairly gave up a cause which she had hitherto maintained with so many tears, and with such solemn and vehement protestations of the purest love and constancy.
They were my own vehement longings for the pleasures of wealth that awoke, though it was in love's name that I now asked for them.
And all the while, jet after jet of white smoke was agonizingly shot from the spiracle of the whale, and vehement puff after puff from the mouth of the excited headsman; as at every dart, hauling in upon his crooked lance (by the line attached to it), Stubb straightened it again and again, by a few rapid blows against the gunwale, then again and again sent it into the whale.
She stopped, vehement and breathless, and caught her sister anxiously by the hand.
Sometimes he would burst out into vehement speech, "If I could ha' done anything to save her--if my bearing anything would ha' done any good.
As soon as we succeeded in making the natives understand our intention, they broke out into the most vehement opposition to the measure, and for a while I almost despaired of obtaining their consent.
At all events they closeted themselves together, and then had a long and vehement discussion; after which the Frenchman departed in what appeared to be a passion, but returned, early this morning, to renew the combat.
The bill was adopted despite vehement opposition and the Opposition parties held the bill perilous for the province.
Summary: The UAE reiterates its firm position and vehement denunciation of terrorism
Qazi Adnan Farid told local newsmen on the phone that he has apprised Shehbaz Sharif of his constituency longstanding demands and made a vehement request for approval of special city development package for Ahmedpur East along with development schemes for rural areas.
The ministry also reiterated the UAE's vehement condemnation and denunciation of all forms of violence and terrorism which targets all regardless of religion and race, expressing its deep and sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wishes for a speedy recovery to all those injured in the attack.
Two urban high occupancy vehicle routes B-28 and B-33 have been realigned on vehement demand of public that will facilitate the commuters to large extent.
Iraq's Kurds voted unanimously in favor of independence in Monday's referendum, despite vehement opposition from the international community.
By allowing the most despicable president this country ever had to be buried as a 'hero,' the nine justices of the Supreme Court made a mockery of the 1987 Constitution, a single, most vehement testament to the Filipino people's disgust with the Marcos conjugal dictatorship.
Coun Derbyshire attended neither of our community meetings to discuss the issue, and nor did he (or his Labour Cabinet colleagues) take into account the vehement opposition of residents of north Cardiff.