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a strict vegetarian

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One unique thing about vegetarian and vegan vacations is the sustainability and responsible living while enjoying vegan foods served in some hotels exclusively for such tourists.
Maryland Vegan Eats is the brainchild of Baltimore restaurants, The Land of Kush and Golden West Cafe, with the mission to increase the awareness, benefits and accessibility of a plant-based diet through a fun, innovative and community-based experience across multiple neighborhoods.
The Vegan Society estimates that there are now half a million vegans and numbers have tripled in recent years.
A recent survey from the Vegan Society suggested UK consumers are demanding more meat- or dairy-free options when eating out.
Look out for a vegan logo as within some brands, and even some of their product categories, you'll often find that some are vegan and some aren't.
In fact, a recent survey from the Vegan Society suggested that consumers will be demanding more meat or dairy free options from the menu when eating out, with half of those questioned said welcoming the rise in vegan foods available in cafes and restaurants.
Fiona, I have a militant vegan for a sister who has succeeded in turning me vegetarian but still insists I try going full vegan.
It belongs on every vegan's bookshelf and will be useful to anyone, whether vegan or not, who is grappling with illness, death and dying.
As it turns out, it's not just about the food - there's a lot more to being vegan at Christmas than simply what you choose to eat.
According to Vegans of Manila, it may be a small step, giving out vegan food, but it's still a way of planting the seeds of compassion and veganism.
amp;nbsp;When the word was coined, the only difference between a vegan and a vegetarian was vegans did not consume dairy products, which were later extended to eggs.
Dawn Carr, PETA's director of vegan corporate projects, said: "PETA's fifth annual Vegan Food Awards honour some of this year's most progressive new vegan options, including Wetherspoon's fresh and flavourful Teriyaki Noodles.
THE Bohemian Restaurant nestled on Pink Lane in Newcastle is taking part in this week's NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week after scooping the award for the best Vegan restaurant at the UK Vegan Festival Awards in Bradford.