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Synonyms for veering

the act of turning aside suddenly

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No word was spoken, but at once the yacht began a most astonishing performance, veering and yawing as though the greenest of amateurs was at the wheel.
Then, veering back into warmth, it dwelt on ruddy bricks, flowering plum-trees, and all the tangible joys of, spring.
Ruth succeeded in veering right and left and right again, and in running the narrow passage between table and bed to Martin's side; but Arthur veered too wide and fetched up with clatter and bang of pots and pans in the corner where Martin did his cooking.
"The bus was being driven at a very fast speed and we just saw it veering off the road.
According to the sources, the officials were chasing a vehicle having smuggled items but it fell into ravine after veering out of control due to rain.