vector algebra

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the part of algebra that deals with the theory of vectors and vector spaces

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In section 2, we have explained the modalities of the extended structure of the charged particle in the complex vector algebra.
Students should be comfortable with at least one-variable calculus, vector algebra in the plane, mathematical induction, and elementary set theory.
In his textbook the algebraic instrument used in the study of geometry is Clifford's algebra, which replaces the usual vector algebra.
About 250 pages of appendices offer background on vector algebra, matrice analysis, Laplace transforms, direct numerical integration methods, and accident reconstruction, as well as key terms, units, and conversions.
Black-and-white diagrams, example problems with solutions, and appendices offering a refresher on vector algebra, linear algebra, and spherical trigonometric identities round out this absolutely indispensable addition to college library and reference shelves.
This method, using the natural description of a mechanical system with the vector algebra leads to an automatic description of such system.
This study aims to report the effort on teaching vector algebra using free open source software (FOSS).
The basics of complex vector algebra have been discussed in detail previously in references [37,38].