veal scallopini

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thin sauteed cutlets of veal

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The most exotic options are roast duckling and veal scallopini.
Roast beef, duck, veal scallopini should make good matches.
Law'' and even as the host on ``The Newlywed Game,'' Kroeger is letting his pasta and other dishes such as seafood ravioli, veal scallopini and chicken parmigiana take center stage.
The driver simply puts a tinfoil-warpped portion of chicken thighs or veal scallopini on the car's radiator, and voila: By the time he or she reaches home, the dish is cooked to perfection and is ready to serve.
His hometown merchant's knowledge of the city makes him aware of areas going through phases of redevelopment, where the meat and potatoes people are being replaced by those who prefer Brie cheese and veal scallopini.
The veal scallopini with lemon sauce was perfectly cooked; the divine pesto sauce is made fresh when ordered; the traditional bronzini --whole sea bass baked in salt and served tableside, was magnifico ; and the cavatelli (a small, shell-shaped pasta) with porcini mushroom sauce was so subtle, earthy and flavourful that when I tried it on my second visit I completely failed to do my job as a food writer and ordered it again on my third.