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meat from a calf

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Veal used to compliment Georgy upon it personally, warning him that he was destined for a high station; that it became him to prepare, by sedulity and docility in youth, for the lofty duties to which he would be called in mature age; that obedience in the child was the best preparation for command in the man; and that he therefore begged George would not bring toffee into the school and ruin the health of the Masters Bangles, who had everything they wanted at the elegant and abundant table of Mrs.
Veal loved to call it, was of prodigious extent, and the young gentlemen in Hart Street might learn a something of every known science.
Veal to his face with great spirit and dexterity, would reply that Mr.
Veal's, and the domestic chaplain to the Right Honourable the Earl of Bareacres was spouting away as usual, a smart carriage drove up to the door decorated with the statue of Athene, and two gentlemen stepped out.
Guppy and Smallweed finish theirs, thus getting over the ground in excellent style and beating those two gentlemen easily by a veal and ham and a cabbage.
Smallweed, compelling the attendance of the waitress with one hitch of his eyelash, instantly replies as follows: "Four veals and hams is three, and four potatoes is three and four, and one summer cabbage is three and six, and three marrows is four and six, and six breads is five, and three Cheshires is five and three, and four half-pints of half-and-half is six and three, and four small rums is eight and three, and three Pollys is eight and six.
Perhaps he glanced at the Lyons sausage, and perhaps he glanced at the veal in savoury jelly, but they were not there long, to make his mouth water; Monsieur Rigaud soon dispatched them, in spite of the president and tribunal, and proceeded to suck his fingers as clean as he could, and to wipe them on his vine leaves.
'I am sorry for it, John,' said Dot in a great bustle, 'but I really could not think of going to Bertha's--I would not do it, John, on any account--without the Veal and Ham-Pie and things, and the bottles of Beer.
I declared I wouldn't go to Bertha's without the Veal and Ham-Pie and things, and the bottles of Beer, for any money.
we don't get married every day--and in addition to these dainties, there were the Veal and Ham-Pie, and
As these remarks were quite unanswerable--which is the happy property of all remarks that are sufficiently wide of the purpose-- they changed the current of the conversation, and diverted the general attention to the Veal and Ham-Pie, the cold mutton, the potatoes, and the tart.
I have christened her (far more appropriately) Boiled Veal. No color in her hair, no color in her eyes, no color in her complexion.
Unlike poultry and pork, whose definitions stay the same irrespective of their marketing ages, bovine products are classified as veal, rather than beef, up to 12-months of age.
New additions to the menu include CheddarShack - a hamburger made with a 100 per cent all-natural Angus beef patty, topped with Shack cheddar cheese sauce and pieces of veal bacon and Cheddar Chicken - a crispy chicken breast, topped with Shack cheddar cheese sauce and pieces of veal bacon.
John Veal encourages the Christian reader to unlock their prophetic DNA in his book "Supernaturally Prophetic--A Practical Guide for Prophetic People." Dr.