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Synonyms for vault

Synonyms for vault

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

to move off the ground by a muscular effort of the legs and feet

the act of jumping

Synonyms for vault

a burial chamber (usually underground)

a strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables

an arched brick or stone ceiling or roof

the act of jumping over an obstacle


Related Words

jump across or leap over (an obstacle)

bound vigorously

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He briefly was in first place and ended up an incredible fourth place out of the top 10 vaulters in the world, including the Olympic gold and bronze medalists from 2016!
Myers was now being advised by Chris Boundy, a 4:55m vaulter with Gateshead Harriers, and, in 2014, managed to clear five metres for the first time as he took gold in the English Schools.' .' Progress continued throughout 2015 when, in the Scottish Championships, he won gold with a cleaance of 5:30m and subsequently was selected for the European Junior Championships in Sweden where he finished in sixth place (5:25m).
Regional Riding For The Disabled chairman, Samantha Orde, said: "The demonstration by their young team of vaulters was inspirational.
Last year we had four 15-foot plus vaulters and this year we already have five [in March]."
A filthy naked man wriggled from beneath it, and through the gap, while the vaulters handed down sacks of sand to him from inside the horse.
Adjustable heights allow for coach-assisted physical manipulation of younger athletes, while advanced vaulters focus on strength and efficiency.
TWELVE riders and two teams of equestrian vaulters from North Wales covered themselves in glory at the Riding for the Disabled National Championships at Hartpury, Gloucestershire.
They hope spectators will be left awestruck by the harmony of the vaulters and the horse as impressive and demanding gymnastic moves are gracefully executed on horseback.
Already, a string of warm winters and summer droughts have created perfect breeding conditions for the voracious vaulters, which have chowed their way through thousands of acres of Texas pasture over the past four years.
"Like all vaulters, I've had some pretty bad falls in the box, but you have to accept it comes with the territory.
SCOTLAND could be in pole position for a vaulters' medal at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester this summer.
Oren is a horse vaulter. Horse vaulters perform gymnastics on horseback.
Four members ofWee County Vaulters performed in the recent FEI European Junior Vaulting Championships in Hungary.
"They take place in Russia in July and the selectors will take two men's pole vaulters.
Ashcroft, who coached middle distance runners and worked with the pole vaulters, was let go at Oregon in July as part of a shake-up in the program.