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Synonyms for vaulted

Synonyms for vaulted

having a hemispherical vault or dome


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Each bay is vaulted by a rib vault of roughly spherical shape as is seen in Figure 2.
Challenge: At one time, individual engineers typically vaulted their drawings on various network locations and on their own computer's hard drives.
When architects at Fifield Piaker Elman began developing plans for a lobby overhaul at 1359 Broadway, a W&H property, they discovered the ruins of the original dramatic vaulted plaster lobby ceiling--approximately five feet above the current flat sheetrock ceiling.
Male vaulters routinely vaulted with poles 10 pounds or more under their body weight.
A recent addition to the series Mirabilia Italiae has made the riches of the Vatican Galleria delle carte geografiche much more accessible than they were hitherto.(1) The Galleria, a vast, vaulted corridor, one hundred twenty meters long by six meters wide by eight meters high, was commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII (1572-85) and apparently built within three years (1579-81).