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a performer who works in vaudeville

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• • What: Meet the real Mae West: New Yorker, vaudevillian, upstart, and jailbird
As the story progresses, it branches out to include such historical events and settings as Alcatraz, prohibition-era New York, and the burlesque atmosphere of vaudevillians and underground gambling rings.
His art - carnivals, parades, and big brass instruments with top-hatted showmanship - lit up the page with wild, vaudevillian style.
She made her national television debut on "Showville'' May 2013 on AMC and was described by the network as "a vaudevillian bombshell who pulls props from her bra while working a hula hoop.''
Metro Detroit senior citizens sang, danced and performed with vaudevillian flair in the 2014 Macomb Senior Follies, celebrating songs from Tony Award-winning musicals at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts.
It all may sound a little surreal but the Vaudevillian, burlesque-style really worked.
SUNDAY Described as a modernday Buster Keaton, and ''a mad scientist of vaudevillian pranks'', Sam Wills aka The Boy With Tape on His Face, brings something a little different to The Glee Club stage.
Oyster's vaudevillian ingredients of richly detailed costumes, elaborate music-box set, and a corps of about a dozen quirky characters allow audiences to enter the fantasy.
She soon was recruited by traveling vaudevillian Andy Mayo and took his surname as her own before she eventually signed a movie studio contract and went on to work as a dramatic actress and comedienne in 45 films and a number of TV shows.
Liza said: "I feel like a modern vaudevillian and dancing has come back into style again.
Director John Doyle saw Kiss Me, Kate as an opportunity to explore "vaudevillian musical theatre" on a thrust stage.
Director Emilio Fina's decision to include professional juggler Bill Cates in Scene II left some opera purists shaking their heads, but if Fina's intention was to capture the vaudevillian flavor of operetta, his choice was excellent.
The other day we were hamming it up so badly, so old, like vaudevillian. She was A[degrees]keeping up!
Designed to house vaudevillian acts, over time the privately-owned theater has been renovated as a movie house and special events venue.
On the other side of the coin, cheeky Mark Owen offers the vaudevillian Hello, a sort of 60s take on ELO's Mr Blue Sky.